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What are the changing customer preferences, emerging innovations and developments in business that are expected to affect marketing by 2020? At the start of the new marketing decade, Google’s marketing and advertising experts in the EMEA area analyze their predictions to give you a competitive advantage.

Including – maximization of the online shopping experience to the purchasing of programmatic ads on Advanced TV, here is a look at some of his predictions for the 2020 digital marketing futures. Best Web Design Company in India which definitely needs a look.

Below are some predictions for the future of digital marketing in 2020 and beyond what I think about some of the opinion leaders, and some of my own predictions.

Linkable video content 

My teen’s latest goal is to make TikTok popular. The gigantic creation of applications for video sharing reveals new ways for consumers to communicate with information, and the form of information that is preserved. Gross Smart Clever Snackable But what are the consequences for entrepreneurs if the attention span of customers has been shortened?

One approach will be to reinvent storytelling in advertising, using shorter formats as well as machine learning on how to deliver personalized variants, which encourages participation and together plan a journey of exploration. Many brands have already used it on YouTube, including Lego and Nike, and 2020 will see a flood of advertisements testing this new model.

The value of influencers would increase 

“B2C brands have become dependent on influencers as a means of communicating with online customers,” Filimonova says. Their immediate group. Partners, consumers and employees will become an even more important part of a new marketing plan, as technology buyers become more dependent on their peer network for alternative insights.

Voice assistants 

Next year Voice assistants will become a much bigger point of contact for clients. By the end of 2021, more than 1.6 billion people will be actively using voice media and their desires will not be limited to demanding time or sending an email.

As consumers, we grow into a conversational economy where vocal followers play an important role at home. Brands would be able to deliver more immediate and effortless interactions by listening to the feelings and desires of the customers at the time of interaction.

Peer reviews will be even more important

“A recent Edelman customer study found that 77 percent of consumers surveyed believe peer reviews are market disturbances or influencing factors in their brand buying decisions,” Filimonova says. 

Transformation of Digital Advertising

Technology has been changing our lives beyond recognition. What we expected of the high-level services that we receive from every company or product at present. The digital marketing revolution is important for success now and we expect it to become a much stronger trend in 2020.

We also developed a digital maturity framework in partnership with BCG so that businesses can assess their current level of sophistication in digital marketing and develop a growth strategy. We tested the system with Raiffeisenbank in Russia at the beginning of the year. Samsonite has also applied this to its own platform elsewhere in the world.

Online review requests would be even more critical 

The B2B tech ecosystem depends on one source of information on something else: its peers. “A recent study showed that 60 percent of consumers using business technologies use online magazines to find new alternatives,” Filimonova says. To enable their customers to get involved, ask them for feedback at the time. Where they are most motivated to quit.”

Inclusive marketing 

Customers today want more than knowledge about goods from manufacturers. All they really need is the viewpoint of your company on the things that matter, and how they do make a meaningful difference. 

Consumers, for example, want to hear a range of voices, so we need to look at diversity, history and representation. Brands such as Ax and Gillette have led to a worldwide change in attitude.

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