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Digital Marketing Trends for Your online success in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends for Your online success in 2020

Opportunities for businesses and professionals in Digital Marketing have been growing on a massive scale for more than the past decade, and it does not look like it will be coming to a halt anytime soon. 

With the year 2020 right on the horizon, we look forward to many more new innovations and strategies than we can apply to our existing digital marketing skills to help us improve.

There are always many rapid changes to the existing marketing tools as well as new ideas that pop up almost every week in digital marketing, which means that an ardent digital marketer has to be on the prowl for the latest information that they could get their hands on and keep constantly learning, because if they don’t then they would be crushed by the massive competition present.

Here is a list of the key Digital Marketing trends that will help your business or your clients to prosper in the upcoming year 2020.

A Revolutionary Year For Voice

In the year 2020, everything voice-related on the internet, such as voice search, voice content, etc. is expected to be on a major rise.

Almost all of the huge tech giants have been rolling out smart home devices, which are almost completely voice-controlled, such as Amazon’s Alexa Devices, Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri, and Android’s Google Assistant. 

Google has been working on new search engine algorithms, which will help the search engine to identify people’s voices better. Although it is quite a lot of work, Google has been doing it diligently and has even rolled out a few updates in 2019 regarding voice. 

Google has programmed its algorithm to recognize people’s voices according to their ethnicity and background; they have also programmed it to understand their accents and dialect with incredible precision. We can say the same for Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri as well.

The upcoming algorithmic updates that Google rolls out for its Search Engine will be the foundation of the future of voice search.

Here’s what you need to know to improve your SEO for Voice Search;

Now, you need to make sure that the content which you create has the keywords which people would use while speaking in a casual manner according to their accent and local dialect. The keywords that people use while speaking to the search engine during a voice search is way different than it is while they type and do a text-based search. 

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Voice-Related Content On The Rise

Along with voice search, there’s another voice-based disruption that is headed right into the digital marketing scene, which is voice content. To be more specific – Podcasts. The reason why this will be the case is since podcasts do not require you to focus 100% of your attention, as is the case when you read, or even when you watch a piece of video content online.

 Which makes it a very efficient way to consume content while you are traveling to work, getting into bed, working out, etc. The majority of the users who enjoy podcasts in 2019 are working professionals who enjoy listening to informative and entertaining content. 

Now since there are all kinds of new genres of podcasts coming in the year 2020, we should expect more and more users of various demographics to start using podcasts. Which will give advertisers and marketers a brand new medium to advertise their produces and services on.

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Embracing A More Personalised & Human In Content Marketing

You are already very well aware of how important content is for digital marketing. Now, in the year 2020, this will most definitely hold true. With content now being produced in all sorts of mediums like Text-based – blogs, websites, ebooks, etc. Voice-based – podcasts, songs, audiobooks, etc. and also Visual based like – vlogs, YouTube channels, social media posts, memes, etc. Content will rule the internet, just like the king that it is always considered to be.

But what will change over the course of the next year is the fact that instead of a more monotonous & mass appealing way of marketing, brands will embrace a much more personalized style of content marketing, which will have a lot more human touch in it. 

However, this is possible in 2020 only with the help of a strenuously precise audience targeting method, which will be even better than the current audience targeting method that we are given by the big companies, which include Google, Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

The content will be made in thousands of local languages according to the background of the audience. Regional content will be the next in line for the throne as we head into 2020. With the help of regional content, we could target customers that otherwise wouldn’t be on our audience list, all thanks to the localization of the internet.

The most prominent update is expected by Facebook as they are improving a lot on their targeting methods by using all of the data that they have about their users through their network of various subsidiary companies like Instagram and Whatsapp, which are have massive amounts of data on each and every individual user on their network.

Author Bio:

Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at AppitSimple . She has experience in mobile app development, digital marketing, social media, content strategy and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & boston sports.

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