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How Digital Marketing Changed the 2016 Presidential Race and Will Change 2020’s?

How Digital Marketing Changed the 2016 Presidential Race and Will Change 2020’s?

During 2016, most of us were surprised when the presidential election was won by President Donald trump, who beat Hillary clinton by just 77 electoral votes. No doubt there are plenty of reasons why Trump won but the biggest of all, what people believed was a digital marketing campaign. If we go by numbers, trump’s twitter account had over 52 million followers, thereby making it the no. 1 followed world leader on twitter.

With the 2020 election around the corner, these news are important to note for a win-win situation for any party. Although we are all aware that digital marketing strategy was not the reason behind the win of Trump, we cannot deny the fact that it played a major role in his success. Indeed, not just Trump’s win, digital marketing is believed to have a huge impact on all presidential candidates in past elections and will continue to have impact on all the upcoming too.  

In the last two presidential elections or races, digital marketing has changed everything and will do that in 2020 as well. But how? Digital marketing has enabled the candidates in elections to build their own league of supporters, as they have direct access to voters along with the improved analytics and personalized messaging options.

One must be aware of everything, beginning with how it functions to how it can make you win. What kind of changes one needs to make to succeed and can this digital influences and strategies run-up to 2020. Let’s go through some details on how digital marketing is playing a major role in changing politics:

Direct connection to voters

When we look at the past campaigns, presidential candidates basically relied on television, cold calls, radio ads or campaigns’ representatives to spread the word about their candidature, their stand on various issues and goals. As previously it was not possible to reach individuals directly, the candidates had to generalize their speech or word and just hope it reached the right kind of audience.

While with the advent of digital media, candidates can directly connect with their voters through SEO, blogging, Pay per click ads, etc. The audiences can be targeted well and thus they can interact with their voters appropriately.

Personalized Message Targets

With digital marketing there comes the option to customize the messages instantly. Also, due to the ability of big data, candidates can exactly figure out where a voter stands and customize the message accordingly and plan a course of action to address their problems.

Increased audience engagement

With new age digital marketing, candidates are able conduct accurate polls, plan engagement through question and answer over the internet. Once they establish connections at normal times, they can further increase it during the time of elections. Thus, through digital marketing you can create an ideal situation for voter’s engagement  throughout the election process.

Importance of Analytics

Analytics has always been the key to any campaign be it the presidential elections or any other campaigns. For election campaigns like presidential elections, digital marketing takes cues from social media and content development whereby the candidates can ensure that the strategies they use are relevant and popular. Through the analytics the candidates can also figure out which is the best time for them to post a particular campaign in various social media.

Following all these digital marketing strategies, people can make informed decisions regarding choosing the best candidate for them prior to which they used to get tired of campaigns and ads before the elections rolled out.  

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Being one of the best Digital Marketing Experts, Rajat Jain has successfully built a huge digital marketing enterprise, from ‘Shootorder’ to ‘Not So Porangi’. Rajat jain is an expert in digital marketing strategies, Growth hacking, Building marketing tools and offering digital solutions to brands.

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