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How is digital disruption influencing EA benefits for organizations? Key benefits captured!

How is digital disruption influencing EA benefits for organizations? Key benefits captured!

Organizations which have adopted enterprise architecture solutions hurriedly consider the whole system noisy and less useful. However, they have been unexposed to its maximum potential, especially when it concerns its efficient management. The influence of digital disruption is spreading to big and small companies. It will continue to impact current enterprise architecture management and forces admins to recognize its future value. The learning curve is continuous and business models have to work around it… or fall back in revenues.   

Let’s focus on the benefits of disruption and tap data points related to EA management in larger organizations.  

Disruption examples in 3 industries

  • Some companies have managed to create a revolution in their own sectors. Netflix represents a powerful example in the entertainment industry. It is accepting challenges and keeps transforming to meet consumer demands. Look at its recent history to understand how it has progressed. The media company first cut out competition by making unlimited DVDs which were sent via mails. The business moved ahead with video streaming. The company continues leading one revolution after another successfully. Currently, they hold the fort when it comes to digital services in the entertainment industry. There seems to be no other competition in the horizon to challenge the services. 
  • The retail market was going fine until Amazon came along and others had to crash out or let their businesses die. Amazon has completely transformed the way people shop. The focus on being inexpensive and having things delivered on the door step cracked the strategy completely. They are the world’s largest e-commerce giant to use precision-based enterprise architecture management efficiently. Many others are copying the same model. 
  • America is already being revolutionized by John Deere. The company adopts novel technologies effectively to sell farmers equipment required for agricultural purposes. The use of IoT, drones, and a central hub for data centers is unmatched. 

All these companies show how digital disruption can influence, create revolutions and transform business models. They have embraced new technologies for more fruitful revenue cycles. Each one of them anticipated the disruption and was prepared to take the leap of faith. Each professional model is different as it represents diverse sectors. But proper management of processes is the key to succeed. However, common benefits of enterprise architecture management cannot be denied. The same can be utilized by any organization successfully. 

So, what is stopping you from it?

Four ways to manage transformation

Proactive planning

It is not easy to transform a large existing organizational structure. A successful execution requires time, demands appropriate measures, and extensive planning in detail. There is a need to optimize resources, work out underlying IT services, and continue with innovative methods of generating revenues. These factors are required for a respected enterprise architecture management. Understanding the structure and its complexities is imperative for tactical programs and initiatives. It involves:

  • Business capabilities and processes that can benefit
  • Closest competition 
  • Company culture
  • IT portfolios, apps, and technology it can adapt
  • Agile DevOps
  • Assessing agile technologies and current situation

Managing complex behaviors

Once the management has accepted the decision to go for a constructive EA, it will require best practices to manage complex behaviors. It is required to derive long-term benefits. Organizing processes and the tech-stack will ensure efficiency and performance are not costly. If they already have many apps that address similar processes, redundancies can be detected and weeded out. This streamlines and lessens the burden on the IT admin. An analysis is required to check apps for integration in the main functioning of the enterprise. This could be a challenge but it is essential to run complex behaviors of systems. Phasing out of non-functional software can speed up operations. 

Agility & Speed value

Delivery on time and being responsive is valued for customer satisfaction. Any system that focuses on agility and speed are always in demand. When disruption occurs at a continuous pace, transforming digital assets to current technology is vital. This is the very reason why companies like Netflix, Amazon, and John Deere have been successful enterprises. Organizations need to appreciate the value of advanced technology to survive for a long-term. EA tools are essential to know when to make the transition and break away from the competition. 

Maturing of enterprise management

One of the key benefits of enterprise architecture management revolves around its maturity in a business cycle. As the systems are developed and customized, they add more value. Consistent performance is the hallmark of any matured EA management. Any system that does not benefit the organization has to be removed. Today, each industry enjoys uniform standards to build and manage systems. A single hub continues being the platform for the other processes to function. They should be matured to handle concepts, models legacy, and frameworks.  

All the above data points are essential in accomplishing IT goals for running systems. These are not only benefits but also milestones to be achieved for a success story. 

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