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All You Need About Different Ways Of Racking

All You Need About Different Ways Of Racking

Racking is the process of making shelves or racks that may be used in warehouses or large factories so as to store goods, raw materials or whatever required in an organized manner. In a warehouse where the environment is always fast paced having everything kept in order is very important and for doing this the use of racks is common and the best way. Large racks which are available in different types to suit all kinds of extensive warehouse requirements are available which may be placed as per the layout of the floor. Racking can be considered the spine of the warehouse and it also has to adapt as and when the layout or the requirements of the business changes and therefore it should be made and arranged in a very flexible way to allow changes according to convenience of the workers and future planning for such racking also becomes unavoidable.

There are several different ways in such racking can be done. The type of rack required depends on the scale and nature of business for which it is being used and also the space available after accommodation of machines and workstations.

Some Of The Common Ways Of Racking Can Be Listed As Follows:

  • Pallet Racking: This type of racking can either be done by having direct access to every unit or by compacting. Suck racking is done in different levels using lifts or carts. There are several different variations under this type:
    • Drive In pallet Racking: This type utilizes the most space and can load a large number of units. It is mainly used for cold storages where a lot of items have to be stored at a particular temperature
    • Mobile Pallet Racking: This system eliminates the space required for aisles and it has wheels attached so that it can open when wanted. It increases the capacity of storage by a large extent and uses available space very conservatively
    • Pallet Shuttle: This has a shuttle that is semi-automatic and can perform the basic function of a forklift thus partially eliminating their need. Units kept on shelves stocked to the top may be moved into the shuttle and their movement becomes easier and convenient
Pallet Shuttle
  • Picking: This type of racking is ideal for items that require personal attention and are retrieved manually. The several types of picking can be listed as follows:
    • Longspan Shelving: Such a system is made for products that are placed and taken out manually. They can hold loads that are heavier, and a lot of warehouses follow both the pallet system at the top and the picking system at the bottom creating a hybrid.
    • Shelving: Multiple units of shelves can be installed, and they provide the most flexibility which also being neat and attractive at the same time which make them the ideal choice for offices and shops
    • Live storage: this type is made for large warehouse where goods are medium to heavy and require travelling a distance. Rollers are installed and the goods when placed travel through the rollers to the area required.
  • Cantilever racking and other systems such as mezzanine racking and metal lockers etc. can also be used

There are many more types of racking that can be used, and it can also be customized according to individual warehouse requirements. Racking is a vital function to ensure smooth functioning of business and to keep everything in an organized manner so as to avoid unwanted confusion.

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