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How To Make Sure That Diapers No Leak Or Drop

How To Make Sure That Diapers No Leak Or Drop

The diapers are practical, comfortable and very useful for baby care. According to studies by BrandStrat, Nielsen and Imposes, a baby spends an average of 5,000 diapers during the first two years. Over the years, diapers have been modernized to get super absorbent diapers, elastic, and special for each age, valid for day or night or even to bathe in the pool.

Your first diapers

If the existing offer overwhelms you or you are a first-time father, the first thing is to choose the right diaper size. The choice does not depend so much on the baby’s age, but on the basis of their weight. You also have to pay attention to their absorption capacity, an important factor in keeping dry for as long as possible. Also note that it has anti-overflow barriers to achieve greater containment.

The Carrefour Baby diapers incorporate the new Ultra Dray technology with absorbent tubes that improve the distribution of the pee and a double elastic barrier for greater adjustment in the legs of the baby and prevent leaks. In addition, they are composed of cellulose from sustainable forests. Check that the baby is not allergic to any of the substances that make it up. Sometimes, they become sensitive to certain components, so, if any kind of reaction occurs, you will have to try another type.


Diaper sizes

The best guide to choose a diaper is to do it according to the weight of the baby, and not according to their age, so that it fits perfectly.

Size 0 (premature): they are the smallest and are usually made with softer materials to protect their fine and delicate skin. In addition, they are not manufactured with inks, chlorine, solvents or perfumes that can irritate you.

Size 1, newborn (2 to 5 kilos): allow maximum absorption for pee and liquid cakes. They have soft elastic sides to achieve a perfect fit and prevent leakage. And, of course, they are made with delicate fabrics.

Size 2 (from 3 to 6 kilos): they are very absorbent thanks to their variety of layers that allow up to 12 hours of dryness. Include drawings to better differentiate the size and help us with the placement of the elastic bands.

Size 3 (from 4 to 10 kilos): our little one begins to crawl and move. For these beginnings of activity, you need a diaper that meets your needs. Therefore, these diapers offer maximum absorption ensuring total freedom of movement, thanks to its flexible core and elastic sides.

Size 4 (from 9 to 15 kilos): for those who are already starting to crawl their design is thinner and thinner, while still providing its absorbent function. This change, along with its soft sides and more elastic waist, offers your baby more comfortable to move what moves.

Size 5 (from 13 to 18 kilos): it’s time to walk and discover the world around you. They will fall down and get up a thousand times, so they need a super-diaper that gives them freedom of movement without losing a drop of their effectiveness.

Size 6 (from 17 to 28 kilos): for big babies who already walk without hesitation. Therefore, these diapers are usually wider and taller. The diaper will adapt to your body, facilitating all your movements without oppressing or producing friction.

Night diapers

It is the longest period you will have to spend without changing. Therefore you should look for diapers with a great absorption. Some moms recommend using one size more than normal. For when it is something bigger, between 3 and 5 years, you can opt for panties and absorbent briefs. They have a design that looks like panties and underpants for an older child, but with the absorbent capacity of a diaper. They can go up and down easily and are discreet if they want to go to sleep at a friend’s house. Put them under your pajamas and you will feel comfortable and safe all night. Also, thanks to its soft and silent materials you will not notice that you are wearing them. Learning briefs

Especially children who have older siblings soon begin to feel uneasy about wanting to imitate what they see at home. That is why it is normal for them to notice that their siblings get up and pull their underpants or braces while they have their diapers on. So, more or less around 18-20 months, you can try changing classic diapers for panties like panties. You have them in sizes S (8-15 kilos), M (12-18 kilos) and L (16-23 kilos) and with different reasons for boys or girls. With the same functions of diapers, they add the advantage of being able to upload and download them.

Swim suit diaper

When it starts to get hot and you want to spend mornings or evenings in the pool or on the beach, this type of diapers are a comfortable solution for you and your little one. At first, you can leave the diaper under the swimsuit, especially if you mainly play in the sand. But if you want to go to the shore and get wet or splash around a bit, the best is swimsuit diapers. They perform the diaper functions by not letting out poop or pee, but do not absorb all the water from the pool or the sea as a normal diaper does. If so, it would become very heavy and bulky ending up being uncomfortable for the baby. A one-time protection that ensures you are comfortable in your water games.

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