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Dubai is the ultimate jewel of the modern world. It is the epicenter of business as well as tourism. From all over the world 15.92 Million tourists visit Dubai. Dubai is ranked most visited city by the foreign tourists.

Dubai is visualized as the most modern city with high rise buildings broad road ways, Largest Airport etc. But the actual beauty of Dubai is not the advancement of this city. It is the core, THE SAND of Dubai.  It is the dessert from which Dubai aroused and enlighten the whole world with its advancement and luxurious life style. Drastically the dessert was visualized deadly and dangerous place with no water and thousands of reptiles who are ready to kill the human being. But the art of living in this area was not be discussed the heavenly nights and drastic evenings of this desserts are unfolded by common man.

We invite you on Dessert SafariCome and experience the mesmerizing beauty of dessert along with the hospitality of local Arabs and their art of living in dessert.


Safari is the word which means to hunt the wild life in its original habitat. In Dubai the wild life is squeezed due to massive construction. But in Dubai safari is not about live hunting it is about the nostalgic feel.

How the ancient Arabs live in this massive deserts? What are their life styles?  How they spend their spare time? Their culture, Music, Dance ETC. Everything is covered by this dessert safari. This is the one time life time opportunity. Visit the real Arab with extreme luxury and comfort.



Experience the thrill with our drift expert’s drivers who can take you on the sand dunes of Dubai with luxury SUV’s and make you feel the sand of Dubai. Driving a car on sand is very difficult and only skilled personals can do this. Our safari drivers are skilled and knows how to thrill the client. They knows there clients demands and their likes and dislikes. The high class luxury with mind boggling thrill is only found with our professionals. The far long spread sand and downing sun can be able to hold your breath and mesmerize you giving your life long experience of beauty that is far from the artificial world. You will feel the nature and drown yourself with the nature.


Due to high temperature in the day it is impossible to camp in day light but when the sun sets the life on the dessert aroused. Dessert is the peace of land on which nights are beautiful In Dubai weather there is very low probability of clouds so the clean and shining night. Sky full of stars and full moon pays a romantic feel for every one resides beneath the Horizon. Unmatched luxury inside and outside the tents make you feel comfortable. Serving like a five star hotel with traditional food presenting you tremendous combination.  

Belle Dance:

Traditional dance of Arabs known as belle dance is the most demanding and cherish item of our dessert safari. Beautiful and charming girls when move their belles on the traditional music of Arab and the melodious symphonies of Qanun, Daf and other traditional precautions from ancient Arab. Girls dressed with traditional bedlah make your eyes mesmerized and make your life a high on heed. 

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