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How to design SEO Optimized website for top ranking?

How to design SEO Optimized website for top ranking?

Hello Friends, if you are seeking to design SEO Optimized website for Top ranking, then you are at the right destination. Initially you should know, SEO is still the most trustworthy source of generating traffic for the website. Here in this article, I am going to tell you the comprehensive Professional SEO tips that will guarantee your website rank better in search results.

It is significant to design & develop an SEO friendly website to earn first page ranking & to increase organic traffic. Follow the mentioned below points to easily design SEO Optimized website for top ranking:

1. Cross Device Compatibility

A responsive website changes itself to fit into the device your visitors are using to see the content. When your site isn’t mobile friendly, it enlarges the bounce rate on non-desktop devices, which is a clear symbol of poor user-interaction. The next thing you know is that it influences your website ranking on Google search engine result pages (SERPs). Thus having a responsive web design is something you don’t want to miss.

In short, a responsive website design must be your initial priority when it comes to selecting a web design package.

2. Better Website Loading Speed

Apart from compressing the images on your website to decrease their file size, website loading speed can also be improved extremelly well using CDN (Content Delivery Network). Finally, selecting an authentic web host is also significant in guaranteeing your website enjoys a good, stable and reliable loading speed.

How significant is it to optimize your website speed?

Website loading speed is an extremelly significant ranking signal to Google. 75% of user usually don’t visit a website that took more than 4 seconds to load.

3. Optimize Alt Tags & Image files

You require to optimize image file names and alt tags for each image on your website.

Google places a camp[arativelly high value on alt texts to decide what is in the images and the topics of the surrounding texts.

4. Use related keywords

You must always use keywords that are related to your products or contents.

Google has a technology named Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to  analyze & decide the meaning of different keywords on a page to decide a page’s relevancy.

5. Links To reliable Websites

Having links to reliable websites are also significant, and can give a positive influence on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) as this shows Google that your website is a collection of quality information.

All these are to guarantee users find what they are seeking. The motto of Google is to make certain that your website is providing vast information to Google’s users (whoever use Google to search).

6. Schema Markup

Addition of Schema markup to the HTML of your website can make your search results more appealing.

You can improve your search results by adding customer ratings, star ratings, & other useful & helpful information.

7. Url must look good to read well

Keep your URLs simple & small & possibly without too many words. If you really require more words for your domain name, do your best to make sure the domain name is clear. By the way, you can use the main keywords for your  business, or the products/services you are offering.

Numbers aren’t important for SEO. We know domain names with numbers are famous in certain countries for example China, but they are actually, unreadable by Google.

8. Force your website to work harder

Anybody can build a website — even a beautiful website — but very few can create a website that reliably produces conversions. Basically, the average conversion rate across all industries is below 2.5 percent.

You want your audience to convert at much higher price. To do so, you have to study your audience closely and offer them what they require and imagine.

If you’ve done the research and applied the data to your site, you can imagine a jump in conversion rates.

SEO always comes initial, though.  Without traffic, you can’t expect conversions. Create a site with sticky & valuable content and plenty of opportunities for visitors to convert.

9. Offer your audience what they wish and imagine

Imagine this situation:

You have an e-commerce site that vends shoes. A customer requires a new pair of running shoes and conducts a Google search for the best shoes for runners. You’ve written a long, comprehensive blog post about selecting running shoes, comprising brand recommendations and information for different types of runners.

The visitor reads the blog. At the end, you have a lead magnet that provides a free sizing and fit chart for runners. The entire visitor has to do is sign up for your email list.

You send the lead magnet instantly to the visitor. After few days, you send out a coupon code for your online store along with images of running shoes. The customer realizes you have what meets his or her necessities, and the discount incentivizes at instant sale.

As you can notice, SEO and conversion rate optimization work together. If you meet your audience’s assumption and help them find what they wish, you’ll secure a customer.


These are some of the most important factors that can help you in designing SEO Optimized website for top ranking. Further, if you wish to know much to easily design SEO Optimized website for top ranking, then digital marketing training can help you in this case.

We wish that after reading entire blog, you would have complete idea to design SEO optimized website for better ranking. Further, if you have any doubt or query, don’t hesitate to inquire us at comment section mentioned below.

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