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DDoS has Become the New Spam on the Market & Here’s How You Can Mitigate It

DDoS has Become the New Spam on the Market & Here’s How You Can Mitigate It

An application is always on and they are always interconnected. They do not require any external power source to run on the Internet. But, instead, they are a part of a large infrastructure where many websites are interconnected. However, different traffic comes and goes within and out of your server through several gateways. These gateways are the source of protection which keeps website data secure.

Most cyber-attacks now take place on the application level.

Do you know that one of the largest DDoS attacks to ever take place was dated October 21st, 2016? Recorded as one of the largest DDoS attacks in the history, this DNS related attack crippled large multinational companies such as PayPal, Spotify, Twitter, Reddit, and eBay. The attack was so devastating in nature that it was termed as the DNS Doomsday of the Internet.  

With each passing day, these attacks are magnanimously growing at an alarming rate.

DDoS Attacks

Sadly, most DDoS attacks are getting more sophisticated, devastating and deadly says easyDNS. As the circumference of these attacks is dramatically increasing it is just a matter of time until your server is next on the list. Nowadays, the best-dedicated server provider company in the market are already providing this protection service as security alongside server management and server hosting.  

So What Are Organizations Doing to Fend Off Large Incoming DDoS Attacks?

Irrespective of the type of website you are running, if your website observes a traffic spike, it means that your server is at risk of a DDoS attack. How does it happen? Assuming that your website is capable to handle traffic worth 30-40 MB and suddenly your servers are flooded with traffic worth 15-19GB which is approximately 4500% times more than what your website is adjusting, it means that your server has just got hit by a DDoS attack.

It usually starts when someone falls for a trip-wire set by the hacker to engage with your website. The moment the alarm goes off, zombie computers interconnected within the web infrastructure start sending unwanted requests to the website server base. This result in dangerously aggressive spamming and the server capacity to handle traffic for the website is dramatically increased. Eventually, the server is incapable to handle such traffic and it cripples down.

A few good DDoS protection services which we are known to belong to Cloud flare, HostNOC, and Sucuri. When you invest in a decent proxy DDoS protection, it saves you time and money and the frustration.

Some other great tips to avoid DDoS attacks are:

  • You can start out by changing the URL on which the requests are being rapidly generated. Once, you are done with that, call your protection service to handle the rest for you.
  • If your website is on WordPress, download the WP Security Audit Log which is an awesome plugin to monitor and observe if there are any invalid login attempts made on your website.
  • If you have your own server setup, make sure to install an IP blocking service such as Word Fence. In case, the attack takes place, then you can readily block the attack at the doorstep of your website.

It is extremely important that you put some great security measures in place. While some believe that putting a firewall on your server can help you filter out the traffic. But, can you decide which traffic is spam and which is legitimate if they both are incoming from a legal source?

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