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Customer Experience Management: Personalization Is Key

Customer Experience Management: Personalization Is Key

Digital shopping is quick and saves one from the hassle of commuting. Still, many would prefer the old-school way of shopping from physical stores. Do you know why? Because, the store salesmen are there to guide you and show you exactly what you are looking for. And, voila, if you are a regular shopper from that store, the sales help would know your taste and preferences well enough to do the needful sorting for you. Moreover, the joy of getting to touch and feel the stuff is incomparable.

 To turn conventional shoppers into smart digital shoppers, ecommerce businesses need to replicate these in-store experiences of customers. The good news is, it isn’t a herculean task.

Technology can empower businesses and equip them with tools to give customers a personalized shopping experience and build deeper relationships with them even through digital platforms.

What is Personalization in eCommerce?

Personalization in eCommerce is all about creating a customer experience that is suited and catered to the personal needs and interests of a customer. When you present customers with products and services of their choice, when you direct their random browsing to relevant shopping, when you give them special offers or timely recommendations, you are giving them a credible personalized experience, thus making them feel valued. This approach not only increase your sales prospects, but also build trust in the minds of the customer and creates a long-lasting bond. 

E-Businesses today have come to realize that creating a bond with their online customers can go a long way in driving sales and achieving brand loyalty. Brands are compelled to give personalized experiences,  customized services, and continually interact with the consumers to win in this competitive times when consumer expectations have no boundaries.

Benefits of Personalization

According to a research by Salesforce, a mere 6% of eCommerce site visits that use AI-directed personalization account for 37% of revenue. 

With its power to upsurge the revenue, eCommerce personalization can be a major contributor to the success of a business. We have innumerous examples of industry leaders, such as Facebook and Netflix, who’ve crafted their success stories by capturing the interests of their users with their unsurpassed customer experience. Taking a cue from these research figures and solid examples, we can say personalization has numerous benefits and is a must for the success for an eCommerce business.

To list a few, here are the immediate benefits of using personalization on your eCommerce sites:

  • Increased rate of conversion
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Hike in sales
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Fewer complaints and follow ups
  • Better brand awareness

Tactics of Personalization

There are innumerous ways to add personalization in your digital shopping experience. All you need to do is leverage the technologies artificial intelligence, machine learning, VR, AR, to gather useful customer data and create a smooth ally between you and your customer, but “You can’t begin to focus on these until your executives to commit to putting customers at the top of the priority list (right after employees) or realizing that it’s all about the customers”, as stated by Annette Franz, Founder and CEO at CX Journey Inc., in an interview with RingCentral on Customer-Centric Culture 

Customer data will be the voice of your customers that’ll help you understand them better and tailor your services suited to their needs and interests.

  • Once you know your visitor, you can present them with customized content, messages, and offers.
  • You can pull IP address of customers to know their geographical location. And well, use it to customize product data according to their location, such as size, currency, cultural preferences.
  • Customer data can help you identify your first time visitors. This information can be leveraged in making an extra effort to convert them. You can provide them with special first time offers and discounts.
  • You can practice cross-selling by recommending products that compliments their chosen item, or match the chosen one, or can be coupled together to avail an offer.

So, you can make use of technology to pull customer data and apply such strategies to be able to nail the art of personalization for your eCommerce site. However, it is important to be transparent and responsible while using customer data to avoid any privacy breaches. 

Source Credit – Syncrasy

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