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What is Cross Browser testing?

Nowadays, there is a huge increase in the number of web applications being developed. You must have observed that an application working in one browser does not works on the other. So cross-browser testing is nothing but verifying whether an application is compatible with all other browsers. With the advancement in technologies, a lot of browsers with different versions are being developed and the application must be capable of running in all the browsers. Cross-browser testing also involves testing whether the app opens up fast with good loading speed, having good resolution, being responsive and overall functions well to give the best user experience.

How to perform cross-browser testing?

From the above discussion, it is clear how important cross-browser testing is. Likewise, there are different methodologies to practice cross-browser testing. Let’s explore them one by one.

Manual Testing 

In manual testing, the testers rerun the same test scripts in all the browsers to identify the compatibility. In this case, it is very difficult to cover the complete test suit. So the process becomes very time-consuming and costly.

Hence manual testing is not a highly recommended technique for cross-browser testing.

Automation testing

As cross-browser testing requires to re-run the same test script on all the types of browsers, hence writing codes to run automated test scripts is highly recommended methodologies for Cross-browser testing. 

You need to run the same test scripts to cover all the browser types and multiple times. Also, you might need to perform regression or end to end testing. There can be any issue regarding the UI functionalities of an app or any immediate requirement from clients to run multiple tests on multiple browsers. Hence in all these conditions automation saves your day. Accuracy is a very important factor when it comes to cross-browser testing hence automation is advantageous in such conditions.

So automation in cross-browser testing saves time and money, increases efficiency, fetches accurate results. Hence automating cross-browser testing is a must for every organization dealing with apps to provide seamless functioning of mobile apps. These are many tools available in the market of automation testing and one of them is 

Cross-browser testing over cloud

Cross-browser testing requires testing of web or mobile applications over different browsers and their versions, different OS and their versions, different devices hence setting up a device lab would take high investment cost and device lab maintenance. So one of the biggest advantages of cross-browser testing over cloud is that it is highly cost-efficient. 

As cross-browser testing requires testing of applications over different screen-sizes, OS versions, browser versions, in short, we need to carry out testing over different device-browser combinations hence cloud environment gives the flexibility to execute testing over multiple devices simultaneously.

With the advancement in technology, new browser types, OS types or device types keeps on popping up in the market, this indicates that you need to constantly keep on adding up new devices in the environment. Hence scalability is another advantage of performing cross-browser testing over cloud.

One of the greatest privileges of the cloud-based environment is that the entire platform is virtual hence it provides the flexibility of selecting and deselecting any device which is advantageous for cross-browser testing. 

These are some of the advantages of cross-browser testing over cloud. There are many cloud-based mobile app testing platforms available in the market for cross-browser testing and one of the best platforms is pCloudy which supports 5000 device-browser combinations to perform manual as well as automation testing. Hence this platform is the best to perform cross-browser testing.

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