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Creative Marketing Ideas That Actually Work For Small Business Owners

Creative Marketing Ideas That Actually Work For Small Business Owners

Expanding the customer base to get more clients and sell more products is a critical factor in ensuring small businesses survive. Often, the easiest way to achieve this is by injecting money on ads that will highlight the company and the product at a bigger audience. Unfortunately, when starting a business, you don’t have the luxury of using money in a multitude of advertisements to attract customers. To save on money, below are creative marketing ideas that work for small businesses.

1.  Use Of Social Media

It is a fact that the use of social media has increased ten folds in the past decade alone. Take advantage of this avenue and build your business social media presence. Communicate with potential customers and let them know of the products or services that you offer. To garner enough interest hold online contests, reach potential influencers, and promote various content and videos as a simple and yet effective way of small business marketing ideas.

2.  Blogging

With the majority of businesses having an online website, it makes sense to join the bandwagon and create your business site. However, to effectively do this,  you need to make your website discoverable. An inexpensive marketing idea for small business is to tap in various SEO that improves your search ranking. When posting content, make sure its high-quality interactive content that will attract more customers. Additionally, ensure your website adds value to potential customers, informing them of various issues, concepts, and solutions that your company provides.

3.   Strong Business Branding

Branding is a great and easy creative marketing idea to make your business stand out as unique and different from your competitors.  However, to fully advance the visibility of your business to customers, why not take full advantage of it and use it in every aspect of your business. Brand it on your business card, on your company magazine, banner stands, website, social media, caps, and even cups. Ensure the branding you use is of an attractive up to date logo that will attract customers. 

4.  Offer A Customer Referral Program

In these hard economic times, people will take advantage of any opportunities to save on money on the purchase of various programs. A creative but straightforward marketing campaign idea that you can implement is to offer a customer referral program. Often, people will trust recommendations from family or friends than other marketing strategies. Take advantage of this and provide an incentive for them to make it easier to remember recommending your product. With the customer referral program, ensure that you provide enticing incentives like free services or products or discounts to make it worthwhile. 

5.  Customer Loyalty System

When starting any business, chances are you will have a multitude of competitors offering the service as you are. Once you can attract customers who haven’t decided on a specific base, choose to provide additional incentives to lure them back by the use of a customer loyalty system. Fortunately, an effective reward system doesn’t have to be expensive and can be as simple as free products or a raffle for discounts and promotions. The reward system keeps customers coming back as they feel acknowledged by the business and will go back for more sales.

6. Work With Other Local Businesses.

Consider partnering with a complementary business to expand your market base. Ideally, look for a company that uses the products that you make and aim to promote each other’s products. Ideally, if you are a coffee shop teaming up with a bakery, it will enable you to guide your customer base to them as they do the same for you. The idea of cross-promoting each other’s products is an inexpensive but effective small business marketing idea that can help you grow faster. 


To ensure your business gets maximum coverage, you need to implement a creative marketing approach and build a perfect budget for a startup. Be proactive in the use of online media platforms like social media and websites.  Additionally, give your customers an incentive to come back for more by rewarding them for their loyalty and by compensating them for the referrals. In all, place effective marketing advertisements that will get a far reach and increase your customer base.

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