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Creative Event Promotion Ideas to Increase Attendance

Creative Event Promotion Ideas to Increase Attendance

When organizing an event for your business, you will want to bring in as many attendees as possible. It’s difficult enough to get people to watch a live event on a screen, but it feels downright impossible to get them to visit your event live. However, with the right promotional tools and ideas, it can become a cakewalk. Here are some ideas worth trying out

Share an infographic

Infographics have always been very stimulating pieces of visual content. They can cover a wide array of topics in simple and very easy to digest ways, giving you the opportunity to inform a very large section of the population. Their simplicity makes them palatable to just about everyone, which is why they are so positively received.

By sharing an infographic which touches on topics that your event covers, you can attract even more visitors, who would otherwise stay oblivious to your event. Social media normally brings in about twenty per cent of visitors. Having an informative and shareable infographic will help bring these numbers up, this increasing overall attendance

Create a YouTube channel

As of right now, YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world. It’s also the second biggest search engine, right after Google. People from all over the world tune in to YouTube for a daily dose of their news and content, sometimes in the form of live video coverage. This can be a very helpful tool to help you stir up talk about your event. Creating a YouTube channel can give you a significant boost in viewership if you know how to utilize it.

Inform potential viewers of your event beforehand, so that they know when and where to tune in on your YouTube channel. With live coverage, you can broadcast to a larger audience via YouTube live in real-time. If you aren’t particularly interested in long-distance viewers, you can use YouTube to create content that will draw in attendees. Informative videos that brush the surface of your event’s content should be enough to pique peoples’ interests.

Most of your event’s audience is likely going to be made up of local visitors. They’re not going to find it difficult to travel to your event, and they’re the easiest demographic to target with ads. Digital ads won’t do you a lot of good, as faraway attendees are going to be sparse. To draw in new attendees, you’re going to want to use physical ads in the area.

Make use of billboard spaces to advertise your event. When people are driving by, they’ll certainly take note of them and consider attending. For pedestrians, you’ll want to try out an attractive printed fence mesh placed at a busy intersection. People that work or hang out nearby will see this ad every time they go by, so you’ll definitely get enough exposure for the event. 

Work your email strategy

If you intend to host an event, you’ve probably already sent invitations to your entire mailing list as soon as it was announced. While this may seem like an intuitive move, it might not be the best one to make at this point.

You have to take a more nuanced approach to your email strategy. Instead of sending everyone the same kind of invitation, you should consider segmenting your mailing list according to previous attendance. Guests that have already visited should be greeted with reminders about new additions to the event. Potential newcomers need to be acquainted with the event and how it works. This will give a degree of personalization to the invitation, making it more likely to draw in attendees.


With the right blend of creativity and dedication, your event is going to be on its way to increasing its attendance in no time. Utilize some of these ideas and you’re going to find that visitors will come pouring in like never before.

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