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7 Creative Designs of Door Hangers Printing for Event Promotion

7 Creative Designs of Door Hangers Printing for Event Promotion

Tired of expensive marketing campaigns and catching up with the trends?

Give door hanger advertising a try!

Everyone is well aware of what a door hanger is but not everyone is aware of the advertising and marketing benefits of custom hangers. 

Benefits of Door Hanger Marketing:

Let’s just see how they help in the better and more effective promotion of the product, services, and the brand. Door hanger is the most attractive, economical, and straight forward way to advertise the brand in the market. 

  • Distinguishable – they do not get mixed in the mail like other marketing and advertising print media that makes them more effective in getting distinguished. 
  • Cost-effective – wholesale custom designed hangers are made up of recycled paper that does not cost much and also the production cost is very low that reduces the cost to the minimum.
  • Can’t-miss kind of thing – doors are something that welcomes every person and it is impossible not to see an attractively designed and captivating hanger hanging at the front. 
  • Unlimited options – customization has broken all the barriers that could stop people from getting the desired product in the shape, sizes, designs, laminations, and other customization techniques. 
  • Better targeting – customization and cost-effectiveness make these hangers economical that allow companies to create different hangers for different needs to target the audience from different niches. 

Designing guide for effective and creative hangers

creative hangers

No matter what type of business you are running or what is it that you are promoting, there are few things that are important to consider while creating your custom door hangers.

Shape & Size – die-cutting gives you the shape you want, just name it, from geometric, minimalistic and folding to window cut-outs. 

Quality – by choosing the material of your choice you can control the quality of the product. Quality is also determined by the appearance of printed door hangers as clear and legible prints enhance the worth of the brand.

Color – colors leave an everlasting impact on the human brain and the ones that represent the brand are proved to be more beneficial. 

Finish – laminations in glossy or matte enhances the appearance of the hangers with its glossy or matte coating.

Perforations – perforation for the parts of the hanger that contain any deal, offer, and coupon. 

Content – it is important to put the information of the highest interest on the hanger so that it becomes easy for the audience to get the idea behind them rather than confusing them in the things that are not important.

If you are not sure where to start and what to do here are some amazing inspiring door hanger designs that will give you a kick start.

Perforated door hangers:

Well, if you are planning to gather some big fishes it is important to offer more than just some information to the customers. 

Coupons, deals, offers, or some discounts?

Perforated hangers are the cutest and innovative that not only make customers go through the whole thing but make them loyal because of that extra incentive that not every company is giving out.

Folding hangers:

Who said door hanger must be a single piece of paper or board. You get a whole new level of creativity with the hangers that are folding in different shapes with die-cut holders to hang them. They give more space to be creative and fun with the designs and information that you are going to put on them.

Die-cut shapes:

Die-cutting gives you a free hand with the shapes in the most groundbreaking manner. 
You can literally go for any shape!

From any means any, geometric, abstract, flowers, custom imagery, portraits, and many more that best suit your needs. Custom print door hangers in captivating shapes give more professional and aesthetic appeal to them.

Logo die-cut:

What a lovely idea!

Having hangers in the shape of the logo of your company with custom printing on it looks really nice and will strongly reinforce the brand. The first thing that will come in customers mind will be your company when they will see your logo in the colors that represent your brand.

Add-on hangers:


If you are one of those companies that are perfectionist then here is the most luxurious option for you to create an impressive door hanger. Customization has opened the doors to the magical world where you can get the anything you like. To make your ordinary hanger something more exuberant go for add-ons like stickers, tags, foiling, embossing, or laminations in glossy, matte, semi-gloss, and spot UV to enhance the appearance. 

Pop up hangers:

The more interactive you are the more there is a chance to get the attention of the target audience. Not only the attention but interaction too as it is important to get customers convinced with the marketing and make their next move. You can always add pop-up images or text that needs to be highlighted or your upcoming product, it can be anything. 

Multiple tag hangers:

If you want to introduce more than one product or the service it is important to get separate print media to avoid confusion and not to steal the thunder of one product or promotion from the other but the best way to do so is to get the hangers with multiple tags that are joined together.
There are not fewer options if you are enthusiastic enough to explore and experiment with ideas, designs, and customization techniques. Door Hanger printing in wholesale, you can get the most affordable rates that help you create high-end print media to target more audience in less time.
To make effective promotion make sure what do you want to tell customers and what it is that you want them to perceive because just adding some colors and prints will not get the work done.

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