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5 Best Tips for Creating Effective Website

5 Best Tips for Creating Effective Website

Having a beautiful website is what every business craves for. Your website is your first impression for your online customers. A person will first approach your website only if it is attractive and eye catching. Then he/she will go for the content and the services offered. If you fail to attract your target customers through your website you won’t be able to get the profits that you deserve.

Here are some useful tips that will help you in creating wonderful websites for grabbing the attention of your visitors and clients.

1. Rule of 5 seconds

When you design a website for your company, always remember that you just have 5 seconds to explain your values to the user. Back button is most frequently used command on the web. A person will never wait for the website to open; they will shift to your competitor if you are slow. If you are not fulfilling the needs right away the user will go back and will move to some other website. Also make sure that the features of your website should be compelling enough and should draw reader’s attention and should give them a reason to remain on your website.

2. Give the exact message:

While designing your website you should keep in mind that your website should provide exact message to your visitors and the users. Try to be short and precise when you are interacting with your customers i.e. do not write lengthy paragraphs on your web pages so that the person could get confused for the message that you want to give. Make it direct, interesting and convincing.

3. Keep your Website fresh always

It is important to update your website after every two months; not only for Google but also for your visitors. Users love to see something new every time they visit the same place. Add some more pictures, make it more interactive. Add blog section to your website and post at least one blog every week. Start communicating with your guests and make efforts to convert them into your buyers. Updating your website after every two months also make Google to crawl your website and this will help you in improving your search engine rankings.

4. Do not ignore Social Media

Social media is like a master key for every website to market their products and services online within no time. Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are playing a significant role in making your website reach higher in the search engines. Hence do not forget to put your Twitter, Google+, Facebook account on your website to make it easy for your visitors to reach your social media pages easily. This will help you a lot for creating brand awareness for new customers.

5. No more Flash Websites Please!

The time has gone when people used to design websites with numerous flash designs on their website. They design such kind of websites to attract more people and to make them realize that how trendy we are but unfortunately search engines fail to read the flash and thus resulting in no improvement in the website’s ranking. So, now it is always advised to design a quality website with attractive design and interesting content. Even if it simple yet providing customers with their requirements, you are done.

Honour your website with these 5 important tips for making your website a catchy one. Keeping such things in mind and remaining up to date will always help you in gaining more and more customers.

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