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Easy Tips on Creating a Beautiful and Productive Office

Easy Tips on Creating a Beautiful and Productive Office

No matter if you’re moving offices or just feel like your existing space isn’t good enough for you and your employees, it’s time to consider a few design changes. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll certainly create a perfectly beautiful and productive office.

Choose the right colors

Certain colors can make people feel pleasant and relaxed, some awaken creativity while others make people feel sleeping and sluggish. All in all, colors definitely affect humans on a subconscious level, so it’s something you should definitely keep in mind when choosing colors for your space.

beautiful and productive office

Boost lighting

Natural light has an amazing effect on people. While most offices and home offices tend to push desks against the wall, this is a bad move because it creates that uncomfortable cubicle atmosphere. So, make sure to design your space around windows and embrace the natural light. This will not only shower your employees in healthy sunlight but also allow them to rest their eyes from time to time and soak up views of the outdoor world (greenery has a relaxing effect on the mind). For evening work sessions, try adding some table lamps. Unlike overhead lighting, lamps have a warmer and more pleasant glow while providing users with direct task illumination.

Pay attention to your flooring

Many people neglect flooring and end up with ugly and generic laminates or carpets. But, there are so many amazing choices that will ensure your space is stylish and modern. For instance, Australians today are into concrete flooring which has a very sleek and industrial vibe. Plus, concrete is cheap, available and very easy to maintain. If you have no experience working with concrete, you can check out a practical concrete calculator from Australia that will tell you how much concrete you need for your space. Just type the measurements of your space and you’ll get a very close estimate. Once you confirm them with your installer, you can get to work—it’s that simple!

Opt for rounded furniture

The human brain automatically associates rounded shapes with positive emotions that will have a beneficial impact on productivity and satisfaction. So, when choosing your office furniture, minimize the straight edges and sharp corners and buy more rounded items. Think chairs with rounded backs, round conference tables and rounded decoration. This design trick will ensure people actually want to spend time in your office space.

Control the temperature

If you want to create an office that’s comfortable, make sure you have plenty of ways to control the temperature. A change in temperature, no matter how small, can have a big impact on productivity and job satisfaction. When it’s too hot or too cold, your staff will be distracted and show less productivity. Plus, the number of sick days could go up due to colds! While there’s no one optimal temperature for the office, some experts agree that the highest productivity is at temperatures between 22 and 25 Celsius or 71 and 77 Fahrenheit. Workers working under these conditions experience the least distractions and tend to be more focused.

Brand your space

Branding your office will not only boost its look, but it will also create a much more professional atmosphere and encourage your employees to work better. It will help with clients, with workers’ moral and with creativity. Both your employees and your clients will be encouraged to support your brand when they are surrounded by your company’s mission and vision. Creativity will also get a nice boost when your staff is placed in a fun and beautiful workspace.

With a space like this, your staff will be happier and more productive than ever. By making your space look and feel amazing, you will soon notice amazing results and your business will certainly start to flourish!

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