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Create the Perfect CV with these Tips

Create the Perfect CV with these Tips

Do your job searches often result in an endless sending of unanswered CVs? Your resume may not be attractive but it is possible that the culprit is not the CV itself. Every detail count and the smallest effort to make your CV more attractive can make all the difference and get a job interview. Here is to build an effective curriculum vitae.

Highlight Results Instead of Responsibilities

Question the purpose of each of your actions in order to present them as a set of results and not as a simple list of responsibilities. Then use action verbs that will be more meaningful and striking than passive verbs or phrases like “in charge of” which are also too classic. Recruitment managers are used to see CVs that use the same terms. So, if you want to catch their attention, innovate!

Do not skimp on the figures in your job descriptions. It will allow the recruiter to better measure the impact of your actions. Frequencies, evolutions, etc., any additional quantified precision is interesting. As far as the layout is concerned, find a website to create a CV quickly and efficiently.

Keep the CV Short and Simple

If you think that your curriculum vitae is too simple and that to stand out from the crowd, it is better to be more extravagant, you might be wrong. Unless are a draughtsman or a graphic designer, keep it simple. A good resume must be clear to allow quick reading. It means that you should favor a linear, airy structure with spaces to delimit the different parts and allow the recruiter to focus on what they want to see. If you create your CV online, make sure to pick a simple, modern and elegant CV template.

The content should not be overloaded and fit on only one page as far as possible. Otherwise it should not exceed two pages. You can play on the margins, the font of the spaces, a reorganization of the sections or a reduction of the size of your bullet points if needed. Be careful not to reduce the margins too much, keep enough space so that the print quality of your CV remains good.

Add a “Skills” Section to the CV

The “skills” section allows you to summarize in one place on your resume what you have learned concretely during your training and your professional experiences. It is very important as it helps the recruiter to identify at a glance if you have the skills required for the job. It should be separated from the rest of the CV but not interfere with reading. For instance, you can create an insert on the right side. Hard skills, soft skills or even mad skills, do not forget anything related to the position sought.

Insert Keywords and Technical Vocabulary

SEO Yourself! Using the right keywords can have an impact on the visibility of your CV. Some ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or even LinkedIn use it to scan profiles more quickly. Moreover, do not hesitate to use technical and specific vocabulary to position yourself as an expert. Beyond the choice of words, their positioning is important: the first 5 of each bullet point will be the most read.

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