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10 Reasons Why You Should Create an Online Course

10 Reasons Why You Should Create an Online Course

Online Education is becoming the newest “thing” of this generation. Gone are the days when everyone only has one option if they want to learn AKA going to school. There are now multiple mediums available where one can share information. Just Google alone takes care of the majority of our questions. The Internet is now viewed as a useful and convenient tool whose main purpose is to provide information and means of communication.

          Here are 10 reasons as to why you should create an online course. If you are still unconvinced after this, you can easily check out any Udemy review and you will see just how good of a decision becoming an online course creator is.


Of course, being an online instructor is still a profession. Studies have found that being an online course creator could earn you anywhere from $0 to $50 000 a month. On average, however, online course creators see a monthly earning of around $0 – 5 000. Of course, there are high-earners that get over $10 000 a month.

Passive Income

While this is certainly a considerable amount of money, it should be noted that uploading online courses is not an active job. Many online course creators consider making online courses as a source of passive income. Passive income is any money that is earned with minimal effort. Simply put, you just upload a course and you can sit back and wait for the dollars to come in.

Passion For Teaching

Many of us have a passion to teach. Unfortunately, life gets in the way of our dreams and not all of us end up becoming part of this noble profession. Becoming a full-fledged professor is a time-consuming and life-altering decision, not to mention requires many additional years of education. This, then, makes it harder to be part of the academe. As an online course creator, you can still pursue your passion without having to uproot your life.

Help Out Others

Becoming an online course creator, just like being a professor or a teacher, is a noble profession. You are, in a way, helping out others who are in need of your services. Teaching allows you to share your information with others and this act is often considered as an avenue where the privileged can support those less-so to become more educated.

High Demand

Life right now is more multi-faceted than it has ever been. There are now a lot of valid reasons as to why individuals cannot attend school the traditional way. Having kids, the need to work, traffic concerns, physical and mental instability are just some of the main causes. Because of these reasons, the demand for online courses is increasing. It doesn’t take an economics degree to know that you should enter the field while there is still high demand in the market.

Training To Become a Professor

Some online course instructors consider creating online courses as training to become a professor. If you think that teaching is on the road for you then becoming an online course will allow you to have some experience in the field. It can also be a litmus test for you to determine whether it truly is for you or not.

Easy and Convenient

Creating online courses is an easy and convenient way to earn a few dollars. This is perfect for individuals who already have jobs and yet want to have another source of income. Stay-at-home parents are also one of the biggest population of online course creators. All you really need to create an online course is an Internet connection, a laptop and a recording device, household items that most families already have so when it comes to cost, it’s almost zero also.

Professors Can Earn From Previous Lectures

Gone are the days when the previous lectures of college professors go to waste, gathering virtual dust in a laptop or a hard drive. Professors can easily upload their courses online which can help many more students to learn from them. It is no secret that teaching, while considered a noble profession, does not really pay as much as it should. This is why many professors are also online course creators.


Online course creation is the perfect profession for those who are generally preoccupied with their regular life. Unlike your usual 9-to-5 job, online course creators can choose to work for as much or as little as they want at any given time. There are no deadlines or time-pressure which is great as you do not have to stress yourself. If you don’t have time for it, then you don’t have to do it. You can just go back to it when you have the time again.

Work From Home

Travelling, given the landscape we have today, has become a logistical nightmare. The commute, lack of public transportation, having kids, and physical disability are some reasons why individuals would rather choose to work from home instead of going to the office for work. If you live in a congested place like a city, you can definitely give online course creation a try.

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