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A Fully-Fledged Guide on Creating a Group in Gmail Account

A Fully-Fledged Guide on Creating a Group in Gmail Account

Gmail is the number one email service providers in the world. It serves every single purpose of emailing, communicating and much more. Gmail raise as the easiest way to interact with the user in the online global place. You can create an account for personal as well as for business purposes effortlessly. Creating an account with Gmail is like a cake walk process that, allows you to do plenty of things within account apart from sending and receiving emails. This free email service has plenty of features for users, it offers a number of features and creates a group in Gmail is one of them. 

Sometimes we need to send one email to multiple users or contacts, sending them one by one takes too much time and also a tedious task. Hence, the need for creating a group in Gmail arises. By creating it Gmail contact group, you can send a particular email or information to the several users in one go. 

Here in this blog, we will describe the simple steps to create a mailing list in Gmail. 

Advantages of Creating Group Email/Mailing List in Gmail

  • Saves time and makes it stress-free to connect with multiple groups of contacts regularly
  • It is a simple and plain way to effortlessly dole out your content at measure
  • Segmenting audience lists is an actual way to make more result-driven email advertising campaigns
  • Moreover, an brilliant technique to keep in touch with families, friends, social and workgroup

Create a mailing list in Gmail

  • Move on over to the Google Contacts Page
  • Stir your mouse to the contacts you want into the list, and tap on the checkbox that seems to contain them.
  • From the top right of the display, you’ll see the ‘Labels’ sign. 
  • Once the drop-down box looks, Tap on ‘Create Label’ and type a name for your mailing list like ‘family’ – and tap OK.

Send an email to a mailing list in Gmail

After you have made your mailing list, you’ll need to send out an email to them. Keep an eye on the underneath steps below to do the same.

  • Go to Gmail and Tap the ‘Compose’ button.
  • In the box, where you would generally type an e-mail address, enter the name of your new mailing list or group – Gmail will show the mailing list with the contacts inside it.
  • Pick your mailing list you have created recently 
  • And once you’re done click on the ‘send’ button. That’s it, all your emails would be sent to the contacts who have in the mailing list.

Edit Mailing list

Indeed, it is very simple as you can also edit your mailing list at with ease by navigating to your Google Contacts Page, searching for the mailing list and eliminating or adding names. It’s pretty simple though. Just tap on the contact group (label) you want to edit and hit on the more option. Now go to the contacts and remove and deselect or change the label at your convenience.

Follow the above given steps to create and edit the Gmail contacts group. 

A mailing list or group email in Gmail can be the ecstasy of a feature for numerous small and medium-sized companies. This feature lets you to connect with many people as much as you want without having to re-write or copy-paste the same email. With the sum of competition in the market, every business gazes for a method to use their resources and time in the best way possible. These features can absolutely help your business improve its productivity and cultivate to its full potential.

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