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In case you have decided to create an application like snapchat then the first thing that you need to keep into consideration is the applications developmental cost. The word approximate is often used for this stage is because the cost of an application depends on several different factors. Here is a list of components that make an influence on the final cost of the application. 

4 Factors that influence the applications cost

1. Developers team:

The cost of the app partly depends on the mobile app development team that you’ve chosen for your application. The more the people are in your team the more the cost is going to be, based on their educational and professional experience. A standard app development team consists of at least two developers, a designer, a project manager and a quality assurance engineer. If you want the application to be more intense and detailed then you will be required to hire more people to develop your application. 

2. Applications platform: 

One of the first decision to make before digging into your applications development is to decide whether you want to launch your application on IOS or Android. Based on that you will be required to implement certain steps accordingly. If you have the budget to afford both platforms then it is advised to launch on both of them. However, it can be hard to include more than one platform at the very start.    

3. Designing: 

The cost of an app like snapchat depends on design requirements as well. The more complex a design is the more hours it will need and higher the price will be. Wireframing can take up to 14 to 140 hours and its price can range up to seven thousand dollars. As for UI designing, it can take up to 14 to 210 hours depending on its complexity. The approximate cost range from seven hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars. The process of UX design requires 7 hours to 200 hours and according to that the cost can vary to ten thousand dollars as well. Keep in mind that not only the complexity but platform too has an influence on the cost of the application. For example IOS designing is more expensive than android due to its strict guidelines although android applications are trickier to handle due to the wide range of screen resolutions and OS versions. 

4. Scope of your application:

We can estimate the cost of the application but the most crucial part to is how much scope your application has and how ambitious you are when it comes to the growth of your application. If you are aiming to create an application that is similar to snapchat then it would be preferable to have a wider budget to get the best version of it. It all comes down to you as to what you decide for the applications features. 

Simple guide to creating an application like snapchat

Firstly, you will be required to do a thorough market research on the application that you are planning to build and launch. It is advised to have every piece of information that you can get, from your competitors to those who have been in this filed from long back and information on your targeted audience. You must understand your audience’s needs, as to what they need and require from the application and how you can fulfill that for them. Their satisfaction is going to lead to your satisfaction ultimately. Next step is to list down all the features that you want within your application. Once your budget has been set you can define the platform that you want your application to launch on. After that you will be requiring a team to assist you with the developmental processes of the application. Marketing strategies are a must as your applications followership depends on it. An effective marketing strategy is going to take your application sky high, get you as many users as possible and put you under the limelight. Once your application has been released, remember to never stop developing it. It will require consistent updates to keep the application interesting. 

There is no need to create a massive application at the start; you can start small and add layers to it through which it can develop into something different and more unique. You need not overdo your application with too many details into it as that might overwhelm your users. 

Get your inspiration from other similar applications and go through their evolution stories as that might influence you to strive differently. 

Go through all the tips provided in this article as they might act as a life saver. It is never impossible to create applications that have an identity of their own, you just need the right approach. 

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