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Coronavirus Impacting Services of Singapore Airlines

Coronavirus Impacting Services of Singapore Airlines

Millions of passengers canceling Singapore Airlines booking due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The world is facing an immense amount of destruction of life, they have no clue how to overcome such a huge giant. So, for diminishing the impact Singapore Airlines is taking some precautions and developing awareness among passengers. Till now the airline had canceled more than a hundred flights to Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and many more destinations in China. For the betterment of passengers and localities, Singapore Airlines canceled all the flights to China.

Benefits offered by Singapore Airlines Reservations

Singapore Airlines Reservations Team offering multiple benefits to a passenger traveling to china. 

  • The airline is offering a full refund or passengers may reschedule their flight for free of cost.
  • All the passengers who booked tickets with Scoot Airlines are also eligible for full refunds.
  • No cancellation fee will be imposed on the pocket of passengers if they are canceling their flights to mainland China.
  • The airline is verifying each passenger’s health and not allowing any passenger with a temperature of 39- degrees Celsius. 
  • All the passengers must wear a mask and cover their entire body with an external cloth.
  • Singapore Airlines spray medicine liquid on the body of every passenger as a precaution.

Impact on Singapore Airlines Flight Booking by Coronavirus

Coronavirus cases cross over 45000 people, about 980 patients are failed to recover. This virus is impacting the health and economy of most of the country, especially China. The Coronavirus Struck hard on Singapore Airlines Flight Booking

  • Thousands of passengers are canceling tickets.
  •  Many passengers are rescheduling their ongoing journey.
  • The airline bound to cancel their scheduled flights.
  • Number of passengers are preferring to stay at home, which minimizes the booking number
  • For meeting BEP, the airline roses the ticket fare near about 2%, which makes the journey expensive. 

Coronavirus has meddled the journey of the entire world including mainland China.

Measure steps taken by Singapore Airlines:-

The airline is operating Singapore Airlines booking toll-free number, which is open 24 X 7. Through the toll-free number, the airline is canceling tickets and helping passengers to reclaim the refund amount. Singapore Airlines recognizes the critical conditions, so for the prosperity of passengers, the airline is offering a full refund or free rescheduling of an ongoing journey.

Some measure steps were taken by Singapore Airlines Reservations teams are:-

  • The airline fully checks the passenger who arrived at the Singapore Changi Airport.
  • If found any of the symptoms related to Coronavirus, they will be kept in an isolated chamber for further treatments.
  • The airline is not allowing any passengers with high temperatures, traveling in Singapore Airlines passengers must have a health certificate with them. 
  • All the passengers who recently traveled from Wuhan are not allowed to reserve seats on Singapore flights.


The airline is doing several steps feasible for minimizing the loss. Till now they canceled a number of flights to various locations of China. For rescheduling, the journey passengers need to call on Singapore Airlines Booking number 1-855-635-3039.

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