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The Usage and Benefits of Computer Network Services

The Usage and Benefits of Computer Network Services

In this modern era of technical evolution, computer network services have become one of the essential resources of any business. The biggest asset of any organization is not raw material or money; it is the talented, qualified and experienced individuals like chief information officer. Just like the employees, the resources are essential for the prosperity of your organization.

Computer network services and business

Your business cannot be productive without having a stable network. An unreliable network can affect the bottom line of your business. You need a certified IT expert like chief information officer to make sure your network makes sense and to enable a proper connectivity. 

What are computer network services?

A collection of computers connected to a single server by an expert like chief information officer for the purpose of information exchange. If you establish a network just for office or workplace it is known as an intranet, whereas the global connectivity is known as the internet. 

The hardware of a computer network comprises of ports, hubs, interface cards and routers. There are standards, interfaces, and protocols considered as logical concepts of a network. When you have a strong stable network, your business growth increases exponentially. You can hire an expert professional like chief information officer for providing computer network services for your business.

Categories of networks

There are different types of network depending on the needs and size of an organization. Network can be categorized as follow:

Personal Area Network

Personal Area Network (also known as PAN) is a generic network consisting of two to three computers. Phones, scanners, printers, etc can also be connected in this network. A single operator (be it a chief information officer or any other official) can operate this network even from their office. You do not need to acquire special computer network services to run this network.

Local Area Network

When a group of computers connected via low voltage devices in a very simple arrangement, Local Area Network (LAN) is formed. These devices are connected through either Ethernet or wirelessly. A LAN is different from other computer networks as in LAN all devices connected are in the same building for example home, office, school, etc. Several LANs can be connected through telephone lines. 

Usually, there are two types of LAN. Client/Server LAN and peer-to-peer LAN. In client/server LAN, several computers (clients) are connected to a single server. 

In peer-to-peer LAN, there is no server. All computers run equally. Most home networks are peer-to-peer. You can appoint an expert to acquire the computer network services for installing at your workplace.

Campus Area Network

When multiple LANs interconnect in a limited geographical area, it is known as CAN. It is also called Corporate Area Network. If your organization is growing and so do your departments, then installing CAN is quite beneficial for your business. It is cost-effective as well as wireless. It has multidepartment network access which helps organizations in resource exchange. Many institutes and universities have installed CAN in their campuses.

Advanced Network Types:

Metropolitan Area Network:

A MAN is somewhat similar to LAN but its coverage area is larger than LAN. Cities and large towns are connected through this network. If you want efficient and fast computer network services then you should definitely go for MAN. 

Wide Area Network:

When different LANs are connected together through routers, WAN is formed. This network connects computers around the world. It is operated by several operators and is quite efficient. WANs are much more expensive as compared to intranets. For global connectivity undersea network cables are required.

Wireless Local Area Network:

WLAN is built through different wireless network protocols. This network covers a limited geographical area. WLAN is the best of large companies as it eliminates all the hassles of cables and wires. This network is used commonly all around the world. At home, school, offices, almost everywhere WLAN is used. 

These were some of the types and categories of networks which you can implement in your organization. These networks support the connectivity of your computer systems. And make the exchange of resources and data easier for the businesses. Installing a computer network also increases the efficiency and productivity of your employees. 

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