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When was the last time you used an actual compass? Well, the actual compass has now become obsolete. Now, people have smart devices like smartphones and smartwatches that are GPS enabled. For outdoor adventure and tracking, just a compass is not enough, you will require a GPS enabled the device to keep yourself on the right track. Compass is not just a tool to track your position on earth, it is one of the most essential tools that keep a gap between life and death for many peoples. It comes handy for the extreme sportsman, hikers and survivalists. Even armies and militaries use advanced compasses to stay on their routes. They do not have any digital maps to track themselves, they are all dependent on the compass. Well, that was all about the actual compass, have you ever tried any compass app in your smartphone? However, the compass apps are way much convenient but most of them are not so accurate. Check compass app reviews.

compass app reviews

Here we have some advantages and disadvantages of using a compass app.

Advantages compass app reviews

  • Compass apps are convenient and hassle-free for the people who use their smartphone on outdoor adventures. All they have to do just download the app and the person is all set to go.
  • In comparison with the actual compass, the compass apps are powered with extra useful functions. Additional functions like GPS, barometer as well as an altimeter.
  • Compared to the actual compass, the compass apps are way much cheaper and many of them are free of cost as well as works similar to the actual one.
  • You do not need an extra light to make the coordinates visible. However, it will work on the smartphone so the light will already make the compass visible in dark.


  • As the compass apps will be working appropriately but this may not happen with a smartphone. The compass apps may squeeze out all the battery to deliver better results
  • With the topographic maps, the actual compass works better rather than a compass app.
  • It’s a true fact that in comparison with a traditional compass, the compass app is less accurate.

But still, here we have some accurately working compass apps that can be used in the replacement of the traditional compass.

Digital Field Compass

You may have seen compasses apps that works analog screens. But this compass app is completely working on the digital system. No fancy background colors or light, the interface is simple that allows it to save battery.

Compass 360 Pro

 Now, this is something a pro app that can be compared to the traditional compass. It is one of the most accurate compass apps in the Google Play Store. It can be the best navigation app for those who quite knowledgeable about navigation.

3D Compass Plus

As the name says, it is some kind of a virtual reality compass app that requires the help of your smartphone’s camera. The only problem in this app is it consumes a lot of battery.

Well, these were the compass app reviews for your Android devices. You can use them while tracking, hiking, cycling, and also in many other extreme sports. They can’t be a replacement of the traditional compass but they can act as an actual compass.

By Anurag Rathod

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