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Most Common Issues When Creating Your Facebook Page

Most Common Issues When Creating Your Facebook Page

Facebook can be a lot of fun, and a great way to stay in contact with friends and family. In addition Facebook has been a helpful tool for businesses. For many of us, once we make our page we want to learn how to take advantage of some of the other options available. Signing up and making a page is pretty easy, but some of the more technical options can get a little confusing. Lets go over some of the more common issues.

Converting your profile to a page

You have the option of turning a Facebook profile into a Facebook page. It is pretty simple. There will be a link from the options section. You have to choose from the list the type of page you want, then you will have an option of choosing what are the files are to be transferred from your current Facebook profile. It is recommended you backup all the information before converting to make sure you do not lose anything important.

Choosing a landing tab for existing followers

There is an option of changing your landing tab to the users not following the page. You can go for various options for this like page info section, welcome tab, page wall etc. The users following the page will see the page wall by default.

Changing the page username (URL)

Unfortunately unless your page has over 25 likes, Facebook doesn’t let you have an username ( for the page. Once your page gets over 25 likes, you can do this by going to

Some Common Facebook Errors

  • Page Temporarily Unavailable – A temporarily unavailable message will only occur during site maintenance, and has nothing to do with the content on your website, or anything on your end. In most instances these problems will be corrected in a few hours. If you have a page unavailable for more than 24 hours you will be asked to submit a report to Facebook.
  • Reactivating an Account – Facebook, like most social sites, won’t let you leave them once you sign up. That means your profile is going to be there for years even after you said “yeah, I hate you delete my site.” Sometimes people choose to reactivate. Simply login and everything will be as it was within 24 hours. If it takes more than 24 hours you can file a report with Facebook.
  • Page not Showing Up on Search Results – Some businesses and people want to make sure their page is always searchable, and it should be automatically at all times. There are a few reasons this may happen, none of which you will be able to fix on your own, so you will have to contact Facebook directly through their help menu.

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