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Ultimate Guide to Colour Psychology

Ultimate Guide to Colour Psychology

There is complete psychology behind choosing colours for your brand. Colour has a great impact on customer’s perception when it comes to product packaging. Since colour has significant importance in the consumer buying decision. Colour plays a vital role in product packaging.

A1 Quality packaging presents the complete infographic guide to colour psychology, connotations, and real- life inferences. Understanding the colour psychology is important for the success of your product. Research says colour augments brand recognition by 80%.

Colour red exudes passion, energy, and excitement. It is used for impulse shoppers. Still pondering why all sale signs are red! Orange is used to communicate fun and cheerfulness.

Physcologically, orange is synonymic to affordability. Brighter shades of orange are aggressive and are used for a call to action. Yellow promotes optimism and positivity. A brighter shade of this colour is used to fetch the customer’s attention. Colour green promotes a love of nature. It is highly used by the wellness, enviourment, and education industry. The mainstream colour choice for a brand is unquestionably blue.  The colour is related to intellect and consciousness.

Purple is the preferred choice for specialty, on demand healthcare and finance industry. The colour exudes wisdom and spirituality. The colour brown is used in place of black to add warmth to a colour scheme. It is a standard colour of strong cardboard boxes. Well, colour brown is the ideal colour chosen for cardboard removal boxes because with time it has started to represent a courier or shipping parcel. Colour black is exclusively used by designers, luxury cars and technology industry. It is used to show brand’s authority in the market place. White stands for purity, simplicity, and perfection. Also, used for low-fat foods.

Indeed, brand’s image can be strengthened by choosing the appropriate colour.

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