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Start-up Ideas for College Students in the UK

Start-up Ideas for College Students in the UK

It is not surprising students at university struggle to meet all of their expenses. Many of you do part-time jobs, but it is difficult to manage it along with full-time classes. Since competition is cutthroat, it is better if you have some experience under the belt before completing your graduation. However, for many students jobs are not their cup of tea as they feel it sucks. If you also hate jobs, business is the only option to earn your livelihood. 

Starting a business is no picnic. It requires money, idea and strategy. Many university students feel it tiring to run along with their studies and eventually they give up. Well, it is not impossible if you have passion and determination. Starting a business does not mean that you always need huge amount of money. Here are some business ideas you can start along with your studies without compromising with your budget.


Teaching is a good business idea as long as you have full command of the subject you want to teach. Your students can be kids and adults. After attending classes, you can spend a few hours in providing classes. It does not require huge investment. Online classes are very high in demand. All you need is the internet and complete set up of a classroom. You can provide classes anytime. 

Almost 24% of UK students run a business while at university, and 22% of them run a part-time business. The UK universities are flooding with international students. You can provide them with language classes. You do not need a certificate or degree. As long as you have grip over English language, you can manage to teach them. If you are not convenient with online teaching method, you can put tutorials on online platforms like YouTube. People will subscribe and watch your videos. However, as a native language teacher, you need to produce unique videos to attract a large number of subscribers.


If you own a decent DSLR, you have everything to get your business off the ground. You can have your own blog of your photographs. You can associate with bloggers, magazines and other websites who purchase photographs. To earn more money, teach basics of photography. You will find several online platforms that invite talented photographers from all across the globe to spread their knowledge. 

Research paper writing company

If you have flair of writing, it can be an ideal business option while at university. Open a website to promote research paper writing services. It will allow students from different universities to send in the request for research paper writing. You can earn thousands of pounds with one research paper. This is the quickest way to earn cash. Make sure that you promote your services on social media so that more and more people know about your presence. You can write research papers at the comfort of your dorm room. 

Event organising

Event organising is fun venture although it is quite a hectic business. Look for local venues to host your events and have your own website to promote your service. Before you set it in motion, you must have a plan like budget, venue, staff member, catering, decoration, lighting and so forth. You will have to set a theme including all arrangements as per the type of event. Organising an event requires great skills. Not everyone can be an expert in arranging all types of events. Therefore, focus on your interest. This is very hectic, so make sure that you will keep up with others even if you have missed a few lectures. 

Marketing service company

Many companies are landing on the internet to grab their target audience that are commonly in search of marketing experts. If you have marketing skills, never miss this opportunity. Approach these companies to offer them your services. You will have a plan to explain how you will market their goods and services on the internet to increase their users. You can charge handsome amount of money for one project. If you get multiple projects from different clients, you can easily make hundreds of pounds. 

The bottom line

You will find endless start-up ideas, but some of them will require huge investment. If you want to have a good earning source, first you need to arrange money. In case of not having enough money, you can borrow money from direct lenders such as in the UK. However, make sure that you have repayment plan to pay it off on time. Some students are lucky enough that they have a successful enterprise even before completing their studies. If you think that you have talent, skills and the right approach, do not wait until the completion of your studies. Just take the plunge. You must remember that you need to be patient to run a business. It will not generate profits as immediately as you start it.

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