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Colin Palfrey on Becoming a Ghostwriter

Colin Palfrey on Becoming a Ghostwriter

Do You know about Ghostwriter?

Colin Palfrey is a full time author and ghostwriter, with many years experience behind him.  While he has had much success as an writer, he now also works to help other aspiring authors and is currently in the process of setting up his own publishing house.  Colin recently published “Becoming a Ghostwriter”.

Can you tell me about how you got started as a ghostwriter?

Well, I was already a writer to start with, but had no idea about internet marketing or the real demand for ghostwriters.  Like most people, my knowledge of ghostwriters was that they were hired by famous people to write their biographies, and that was about it.  I certainly didn’t have any idea of the larger IM community and their voracious appetite for content.

A few years back I was talking with another writer and she told me to go and look at the Warrior Forum .  She said I would be amazed at the need for writers, and I certainly was. However, I didn’t take the plunge until my back was to the wall financially, and I literally had to do something or lose everything.  I was compelled by events you could say, but it turned out to be the kick I needed.

Were you a professional writer before you started ghost writing?

I already had a few books published in ‘the real world’, so I wasn’t coming at this with no idea what I was doing.  As far as writing a book was concerned, I knew how to do it. Of course the business side of it was something I had to learn the hard way, and at times it was very hard.

How long have you been doing business on the internet for?

I’ve been in business online for about six years now, but only working as a ghostwriter for three of them.  Back before my ghostwriting business, I had quite a few adventures online, most notably the offline consultant gig, advising bricks-and-mortar businesses on how to get online.  The problem was that my location didn’t suit offline consulting the way I was doing it, so I needed to expand into something else. I also wasted the best part of a year falling for those Pay-to-Click scams, and I wasn’t quick to learn my lessons where they were concerned.

Why the internet as a channel for your business?

The internet is brilliant, it lets people from across the globe connect.  As a child I used to be a regular reader of a magazine called “The Trader”, or when that wasn’t in stock “The Exchange and Mart”, and buying job lots and selling the pieces off individually through the local paper was a great way for a boy to make some pocket money.  When I discovered the internet, I thought of it, as I still do, as a giant trader magazine that connects the whole world, and is updated in real-time.  It’s funny how our early impressions can shape our later life.

Do you work full-time as a writer?

Yes, and I have done so from the very start.  I don’t half-ass things, so went at this like a steam train running on pure determination.

Is ghostwriting the main type of writing that you do or do you write under your own name as well?

I had initially written under my own name, and then I changed to writing for others.  Now I am starting to write as myself again, and loving the experience so far.

What is the format of the writing that you do?

I write both ebooks and paperbacks, but I specialize in paper-back books because most ghostwriters don’t have a clue how to do that.  And you know what that means? Opportunity! Initially, I primarily wrote articles for others, but I prefer books as I feel I am creating something more lasting and worthwhile.

Is the internet the main source of leads for your ghostwriting business?

I talk directly to internet marketing companies.  It’s easy when you know how, but it does take some figuring out initially.

Is ghostwriting your main source of income?

It has been for a long time, though recently I have started to branch out into product creation.

You have produced a product which helps others to become a ghostwriter. Can you tell me a little about the product?

Well, I chose “Becoming a Ghostwriter” as the title because…well, at least they know what it’s about!  It’s a guide to becoming a ghostwriter, and the methods I have found to work in regard to client acquisition, scheduling and order completion.  It is also much more than this, as I have attached ebook templates, a blank schedule, and a few other bonuses that will make it much easier to follow in my footsteps.

The guide is currently in pre-launch, so can be found at the price of $27 at the Warrior Forum here.

As soon as I have done tweaking it according to the feedback I will be doing a full launch at

How have you marketed your product?

Mostly I leverage my contacts at this point, but when I do need to generate some public testimonials I use forum business marketing.

Do you intend to create more products?

I am currently working on something that will be absolutely huge, but unfortunately, my business partner and I have agreed to an NDA until launch.  What I can say is that when you start privately networking with others interested in the same thing as you, the ideas start flying. Just make sure you have an NDA so that neither of you feels the need to hold back on your ideas.

Do you consider yourself a writer or a marketer?

I am definitely a bit of both.  I was a writer first, admittedly, but I have been learning how to market products for a long time now.  The whole purpose of becoming a ghostwriter was primarily so that I could befriend and work with the big players online, and learn their techniques.

What are your future plans, either in writing, internet marketing or otherwise?

I have big plans for the coming 6 months, but as I said earlier, I am sworn to secrecy.

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