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Best Cloud In Hosting India: How Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting

Best Cloud In Hosting India: How Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting

Hosting is the backbone of a website. If it’s not the right, then a website cannot do well over the Internet. From speed to bandwidth, there are several things that hosting decides for a site. So, it becomes essential for a company or a site owner to pick the best web hosting plan for the websites. Many individuals find it difficult to choose between shared hosting and cloud hosting. It is because the first is the cheapest and the latter has more features.

According to experts, cloud web hosting is a better hosting type than a shared one. It comes with more flexibility and easy-to-use features than shared hosting. This is a major reason the demand for cloud services is increasing rapidly and many cloud hosting service providers in India are enjoying the boom.

Cloud Hosting

There are many things that make cloud hosting a better option than shared hosting. Below are they:

Better Uptime Service

When you choose shared hosting, some of the providers in India may offer you the services with 99% guaranteed uptime. But, they don’t truly live to their promise. As there are numbers of websites on one server in shared hosting, load by one website can affect the uptime of other websites.

On the other side, cloud hosting has an impeccable uptime and it doesn’t change each website has a dedicated server. Whenever a website experiences trouble on one server to get resources, it immediately moves to another server.

Unlimited Support

Shared hosting is a cost-effective server option, but it is not effective when a website needs more space on the server or bandwidth. Whenever such a condition arrives, a website owner is forced to get a better plan. The owner has to pay for extra services to ensure that the website gets all those things that it requires to perform accurately.

This is not the case when you have the best cloud hosting in India. It is an advanced hosting type that comes with more flexibility than any other hosting. From server space to databases and bandwidth, it has everything unlimited for a website. In addition, there are many useful features that only cloud web hosting offers to website owners.

Increased Security

As shared hosting includes numbers of websites on one server, it becomes difficult for a service provider to ensure safety for each website. In addition, the buyers of cloud hosting are not given extra security features to make a site secure for users and its owner.

On the other hand, comes with advanced security control features. From traditional security issues to the advanced ones, cloud web hosting deals with numbers of issues to ensure that website remains safe even when its owner is accessing is from other parts of the world or the device.


Whether it’s the performance, speed, or security, cloud hosting is the clear winner. All that a website owner needs to ensure is that they have the best cloud hosting from one of the best cloud hosting service providers in India.

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