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How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors with Ease

How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors with Ease

Even though hardwood floors are more comfortable to clean than other floor materials like vinyl or marbles, it’s still going to require quite a lot of cleaning and maintenance. And depending on busy you are, it has a chance of feeling like being tortured, especially if you happen to own a pet. Oh yeah, pet hairs and hardwood floors are a thing. You are going to feel so helpless because for each time you clean up the mess, your furry little companion going to shed at least the double amount of hairs on your hardwood floors and it’s going to sit right there staring at you unless you clean them. And here a few options you have to clean your hardwood floor easily and keep your sanity.

Get a vacuum cleaner.

The easiest solution of all can be getting a vacuum cleaner for cleaning up the pet hairs from your hardwood floor. Even though it’s most expensive among all the tools that have been featured here, this one is known for its effectiveness on getting rid of the pet hairs or any other dirt and dust that might be ruining the look of your hardwood floor. There are quite a few options, such as the cordless handheld vacuum to the robotic cleaner if you want to avoid doing it by yourself. But getting vacuum cleaner will make sure there is no dirt or dirt remained and let the floor regain and reclaim its elegance.


  • One of the most convenient way to clean off the dirt from hardwood floor
  • Eliminates 99% of the dust and germs from the house
  • Can help you clean the floor quickly


  • It’s a bit costly

Use Microfiber pads

Not ready to spend so much money on a vacuum cleaner? The next best option you have here is to buy microfiber pad attachment for the mop and transform it into something different altogether. The microfiber pads are an excellent invention when it comes to cleaning the hardwood floors. It can help you get rid of anything that might be making the hardwood floor looking dull and messy. And what can make a house look dirtier than pet hairs flying and lying here and there?

The microfiber pads mad to attract any dirt it can get in its way and clean them all at once. And best of all? You need to purchase a new one in a long time as as these pads are reusable.


  • It sucks away all the dirt and pet hairs
  • They are cost effective
  • You can wash them and use them over 100 times


  • More suitable for cleaning a small space

Give Rubber brooms a try.

Most people overlook this little known but a handy option when it comes to cleaning pet hairs and other dirt off the wooden floors, but rubber brooms are made precisely for doing this, to help you clean the pet hairs from the hardwood floors and different to reach areas. They are quite good at locking the dirt and makes cleaning quite easier.


  • Cleans  hard to reach areas
  • Helps cleaning the area vacuum cleaner left off
  • Washable
  • Last for quite long


  • You cant use it for the entire house.

Final verdict

Among all the options we have discussed for cleaning the hardwood floor with ease, getting the vacuum cleaner is the most convenient but way costlier option while other two is less expensive but requires more of manual works. But they all going to help you get rid of the pet hairs and other accumulated dirt off your hardwood floor with much ease.

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