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Choosing Effective Branding and Marketing Materials for Events

Choosing Effective Branding and Marketing Materials for Events

Networking remains one of the most important ways to market your business, get in touch with new clients, and strengthen your position in the market. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, since new companies join the playing field every day, making your business less prominent, or at the very least, they increase the level of industry competition. That said, you should never head to your networking events, or organize one for that matter, without a set of well-designed marketing materials on site. 

Some options make more sense for certain companies while others would only be a drain on your budget. Select the right materials, and you’ll leave a memorable impression on all those who stop by your booth. Here are a few options to add to your own marketing arsenal!

Visually-appealing flyers

A brief go-to for every single brand, a flyer is a great option to summarize what your business is about for any busy visitor. Use your flyers to promote your most vital features, and always incorporate brand elements that will increase your chances to be remembered after the event. Finally, choose quality paper so that your brand can truly come to life in this short format.

A set of updated business cards

Whether you’re a lone entrepreneur or a major organization, a set of professional business cards is a given for any occasion, and especially for an event that can help you expand your business and reach more clients, investors, or partners. Find a reputable printing service such as Half Price Printing to ensure you have access to enough business cards in time for your event, designed perfectly to reflect your brand identity. 

Make sure that your cards are simple, informative, and that they feature the key information to make it easy to get in touch with you. Unlike flyers or brochures, which people will sometimes skip, business cards are always exchanged and can make a lasting impression when designed well!

Detailed brochures

When you’re a business offering a slew of services, often tiered into several different layers, you should educate your audience on what you do. Sometimes, a flyer won’t be enough to explain and convince a potential partner why they could benefit from collaborating with your business.

Enter: detailed, but well-designed brochures that thoroughly, yet concisely explain what you do in a way that everyone understands. Pair up your examples and explanations with illustrations and charts, and you have a winning set of materials for the event. 

Branded goodies and freebies

Everyone loves freebies, which is why you should use your event as a perfect chance to hand out low-cost, but useful gadgets to your visitors. Branded USB drives, caps, umbrellas, and t-shirts are just some of your options that visitors can take home and advertise your brand whenever they use the item! Just make sure you choose something that your target audience will appreciate and actually have a purpose for in their lives.

Large-format and noticeable banners

In case you’re headed for a larger event that will be packed with other brands competing for visitors’ attention, you should make your logo, slogan, and other essential elements of your brand visible to your audience. In fact, a single effective banner can grab their attention from across the room, and how you set it up may serve as a perfect introduction for you to start a conversation.

If you print out a relevant question, maybe they’ll approach looking for an answer. If you post your latest slogan, maybe they’ll get the gist of your services and recognize your relevance. No matter what you choose, banners are important for crowded events to serve as your attention-grabbers.

Whether you’re setting up an event in your new store or office, celebrating a new branch opening, or you’re heading to a conference, you should prep all the right materials for the event. Add these to your list, and you’ll be in charge of your reputation and shape the impression you leave on all the guests – and above all, you’ll make your online business more memorable for those who interact with you for the first time.

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