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Choosing the Best Reception Desk for Office

Choosing the Best Reception Desk for Office

The reception area of the office is the first thing that the person sees when they enter your premises. Good reception furniture creates a professional and positive impact on the one who is entering your office. People nowadays add modern furniture, paintings, landscaping etc. that can add more character to their reception area. While we talk about a lot of things, the reception desk remains one of the most important office spaces. It makes the reception a focal point. Hence, you must choose the right kind of office reception desk in Melbourne.

Tips for Choosing the Right Reception Desk:

The desk at the reception should reflect the ambience of the office. It should be stylish but at the same time, it should also reflect professionalism. Here we bring you certain aspects that you need to take into account.

1. Style of the desk – Yes, one of the factors that you need to take into consideration is the style of the desk. For example, if you are in the business of making the software, then having an artistic reception desk will not solve the purpose. The reception furniture should complement your business protocol.

2. Right placement – The placement of the desk at the reception should be such that it doesn’t hinder normal traffic movement. Haphazard placement of desks creates a poor impact and also hinders seamless navigation through the office.

3. Size of the reception desk – Considering, the size of the desk is important. You must choose the desk which complements the size of the reception area. If the reception area is small and you have a larger desk, it will not look good. However, if you choose the right size of the furniture, not only will it make the reception look well-organized, but at the same time, it will create a good impact on the one who is visiting your office.

4. Color of the furniture – The best part about modern reception desks and other furniture is that you have a myriad of color options – from funky colors to conventional browns. You can choose the one which best matches your requirement and also makes your office look good.  Did you know that the color of the office reception and its furniture can have an impact on the visitor’s mood?

Here are some of the color choices and what they mean:

  • Blue – It has a calming effect
  • Grey – It sizes authority, creativity, earnestness
  • White – Purity, contemporary and devotion
  • Green – These are mostly used in the health-related industry
  • Black – It exudes boldness, seriousness, power
  • Yellow – It reflects happiness 
  • Red – It is used as an accent color and instantly grants attention

5. Height and space of the desk – Yes, an important factor that you need to take into account is the height of the desk. It should be good enough for the visitor to stand comfortably while the receptionist should have enough space to do their jobs without any hassle. Also, a perfect height ensures a comfortable sitting position, which also impacts the productivity of the person.

6. Quality – One of the factors that you should not be missing is the quality of the desk. It should not be such that you need to spend time and again for repairs or go ahead with the replacement. Wooden desks remain one of the popular choices.

7. Price – The cost of the product is the deciding factor. You must shortlist the vendors and ask for the pricing. Once you have the list with you, it becomes easier to pick one.


The parameters mentioned above will help you in making the right decision and choosing reception desk, which best suits your requirement.

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