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The Ultimate Checklist for Opening your First Office

The Ultimate Checklist for Opening your First Office

When you decide to open your first office, it’s certainly an exciting time, so why not make sure you have everything in order well in advance? To make sure you are up to speed from day one, we’ve put together the ultimate checklist that will ensure nothing is left to chance. Ideal if you want to hit the ground running from the moment you get the keys.

Make Sure to Redirect All of Your Mail

It’s not exactly one of the most glamorous jobs to delegate, but it’s certainly important if you want to make sure everything runs smoothly. Your mail is obviously where you get your invoices, reminders, contracts, etc., which is precisely why you want to make sure that it’s redirected in time for your first day in the new place.

There’s always a chance that you’ll experience a few teething problems, but as long as you have a plan in place, you should be able to get over any initial bumpy patches. Designate a member of the team to take care of your mail and make sure your old place is checked regularly.

Get All of Your Utilities Up and Running

Utilities are another major issue that you need to stay on top of if you want to be able to work at your best from day one. In addition to water, gas, and electricity, you need to include broadband these days. Without it, you’re not going to be able to communicate with the majority of your customers, access your DropBox, or even check your email without a whole load of hassle.

If you want to be able to ensure smooth operation, then you need to make sure that your electricity supply is suitable. Have a professional team check all of the outlets and access points to ensure that you have everything you need before you move in. And find a reputable company that will make sure your rates are reasonable, and your service is uninterrupted. You can also go for no deposit electricity, and save yourself some additional hassle.

Let Everyone Give Input on the Design

One of the worst things is designing everything to try and please everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your entire team. Ask for input and take things on board, and then pick out the real gems of ideas that are in there so you can put them into practice. That way you can give everyone a say and create an office that reflects the most important issues raised by your team.

Meeting Rooms Need to Be Easily Visible

Having a meeting room in the centre of the office or in a prominent position is a great way to make things run nice and smooth. If people can see who is tied up for the time being, they’re far more likely to be able to think on their feet and be productive than if they’re indefinitely searching for their boss. It’s these little touches that will make all the difference when you want to get the most out of your team.

Create Plenty of Open Spaces

Open spaces aren’t just pleasant to look at and have around the place; they’re also a key ingredient for morale and motivation. Have you ever tried working at a desk that is a foot deep in paperwork and clutter? I bet it didn’t go all that well for you. The same is true of working in a cluttered and overcrowded office.

Open spaces allow your team to feel focused and relaxed as they free themselves from distractions and irritations without even realising it. Once you build this into the layout of your office, you’ll be able to see just what a difference it makes.

Natural Light Is Essential If You Want to Maximise Productivity

Sitting under artificial lighting for hour after hour is a proven way to strain your eyes and go home feeling exhausted. If you want to be able to get the most out of every single member of your team, you need to be able to create an environment that’s conducive to high-value deep work and focus.

Natural light lamps, warm white bulbs, and of course windows are all great ways to take the edge off the harshness of strobe lights. Once again, it’ll make more difference than you think, so why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Make Sure Your Team Has Somewhere to Call Their Own

Giving your team a breakout space where they can take 10 minutes and enjoy a cup of coffee is a great way to build morale by making them feel valued. Have it tucked away somewhere so they don’t feel like they’re being watched by their bosses, and try and keep it a work-talk-free zone. They’ll be back at their desks raring to go a lot quicker if you’re not hassling them to send that urgent memo.

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