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A proposed model for organizing the chaos of marketing technology:

A proposed model for organizing the chaos of marketing technology:

It’s nothing wrong in saying that the marketing technology landscape has brought so many marketing solutions. I have heard and seen marketers are more relaxed and comfortable after the discovery of new marketing trends and some new digital styles. But on the other hand, managing the chaos of marketing technology is not an easy job for everyone. If you are shocked after reading the word chaos in my article, though I am a big fan of Martech, still one needs good managerial skills to get all things together. 

This adds to the mystification that numerous advertisers look about MarTech. It’s commonly not clear what the scientific categorization of the arrangement space is, which makes it hard to separate it into smaller, progressively sensible pieces of abilities. It’s interesting to perceive how the advertisers who presented their showcasing stacks to The Stackers have considered this.

It means we must need a proposed model to avoid these different confusions. A model that is ideal for every marketer out there. It should be so complex neither confusing and should be able to deal with all the pros and cons of Martech. So folks here in this article I am going to share the draft of the proposed model for organizing the Chaos of Marketing technology. Let’s have a look at it. 

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The 6 C’s Model for organizing Marketing technology: 

The 6 C’s model includes: 


The most important C of this Model is Customer. All marketing strategies need to be customer-oriented. Any organization needs to understand the needs and demands of the target audience. If your brand or organization is not up to the expectation of customers, trust me your marketing strategies need to be redesign. 


Consistency is another important C that is very useful to build the brand image in the eye of the target audience. Brands need to be very vigilant and consistency when it comes to packaging, advertising, placement, and sales promotion. Even if you are thinking of changing the packing color now and then, you are doing it so wrong. People sometimes remember products by their packing colors and fonts rather than the brand name. 


Be brief and to the point. Especially while advertising and promotional activities. There might be one creative word that can click the audience mind at once. Small yet creative ad will be more effective than a long movie kind of advertisement. 


Always remember brands should do cross-culture research to meet the demands of the target audience. Do not only assume things from your perspective, but people from different cultures living in the same country might also have various perspectives. Be very careful about it. 


Communication with the target audience is the backbone of marketing technology. Try to talk and interact with your customers in easy and understandable language. Clear brand status in the eye of the consumer. 


Marketing is not one static process, but it believes in evolution. Marketing trends keep on changing now and then. So change your marketing strategy with changing world and its living styles. 

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Marketing is not a bed of roses, it might seem one easy job to the newbie but trust me it can take your breath away. One should be very smart ad sharp to learn the rules and models of marketing. The 6 C’s model of marketing technology can help you to perform your responsibilities in a better way. I hope it will be helpful for you shortly. 

That’s all from my side. 

Thank you. 

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