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Steps to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook

Steps to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook

Using Facebook turns into an important activity of our everyday life, it’s difficult to live without. As per the stats, a normal user spends 20 minutes every day on Facebook, it produces the 4 new petabytes of information every day and users like 4 million like in a single minute. The use of this stage is extremely immense. People use this platform to associate with family and colleagues.

In order to use Facebook, users need to create an id on it using an email address or phone number. Many times user’s loss the access to their email address, hence the need to change the email address arises. Because users Facebook account is created with such id whether its Gmail or Yahoo mail or any other email service provider.  In this piece of content, we will guide you to change or swap the primary email address with the new one. In case you need help from an expert dial the Contact Facebook Support Phone Number. 

Change Facebook Email address on Desktop 

  • From the Computer, browse the Facebook website, by entering 
  • Now, insert your Login credentials to open the account.
  • Click on the ‘Drop-Down’ placed at the top-right corner of your desktop.
  • Walk around the Menu and tap on the ‘Settings’ icon to open the General Account Settings. 
  • After the above talk about the process is done, click on the ‘Contact’ button to see the list of registered email accounts. 
  • Click the ‘Edit’ option presented right-side of the contact tab and click the ‘Change’ link to write the new email address on the compulsory fields. 
  • Afterwards, hit the ‘Change Email Address’ and type the New Email Id and Password.
  • Finally, choose your primary email ID and tap on the ‘Save Changes’ tab to finish the process.

In between any steps, you need help dial the Facebook Customer Service for expert help. 

Change Facebook Email address on Android Device 

  • Open the Facebook App and tap on the ‘Menu’ image obtainable at the right-hand corner mobile screen. This step is appropriate for signed in users.
  • Next, search your menu icon and tap on ‘Settings & Privacy’
  • Click on ‘Settings’ and open the ‘Personal Information’ button to edit the email address.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Email Address’, you will be passed onto the next page where you have to tap the ‘Add Email Address’ and type an additional email address and password.
  • Subsequent, you need to choose the new email id as the main email address and re-type your new password to make your Facebook application safer.
  • After you complete the above point out process, tap on Save to access the services.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and easily change your primary email address. In case you need help dial the Facebook Help Number for instant support. The tech specialists will guide you and help you in fixing all the possible issues with Facebook. They can also give you some tips and tricks to prevent the issues from occurring again.

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