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Security System- CCTV camera suppliers in the UAE

Security System- CCTV camera suppliers in the UAE

When the need for CCTV camera suppliers in the UAE arises one name comes to mind Malco. With a wide comprehensive array of products of analogue and IP cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras, access control locks, HID card readers, dual authentication ACC, network ACC, biometric ACC, home automation and the whole gamut of security solutions, with the most superior technologies, we have your security concerns covered. Fortified with CCTV camera for office UAE, surveillance is not just simplified but ensured. At competitive prices we, fortify your office and capacitate you to monitor your premises and be relaxed, knowing all is safe at your office. Let us take a look at the various options you have when contracting security system UAE.

Indoor and outdoor cameras: For clear image detail in video transmission and replay, quick and easy to retrieve evidence, full control over video playback compatible with existing access controls, surveillance of your facility is ensured with H4A Bullet, H4A Dome, H4 Mini Dome, H4 multi sensor camera line, H4 fish eye cameras, H4 plain tilt zoom, and video analytics. Every one of these models has a specific application and we have covered every possible surveillance need for any environment. ACC software works with your existing access control intercom, external alarms and POS systems, as well as with other VMS platforms. The high definition stream management (HDSM) technology ensures video transmission clarity. ACC software easily identifies any Avigilon or third party IP camera. All you need to do is plug-in and play any camera. You can even give your building management system a boost by seamlessly pairing one of your systems with ACC. If all you need is a camera, the high definition network IP cameras, work perfectly with other leading video management software platforms.

Managing bandwidth and storage intelligently is what HDSM technology does. HDSM maintains small files so adding multiple cameras is not detrimental. Utilizing a smaller bandwidth and data allows you to up-scale with little or no impact on network services, and the added benefit of reducing costs. Even on a low bandwidth connection, you receive high megapixel images with amazing resolution, while on ACC mobile, on Apple or Android devices. And you have the privilege of viewing live or recorded HD footage from any location. Avigilon control centre brings you the awesome options whether you are plugging in your existing analogue camera or a new HD one, allowing you also to add cameras whenever you like. You are at liberty to add as many cameras as you like without slowing down your system.

PDUs: Narrowing in on a PDU from our range of single or three phase, monitored (w) PDU, metered and outlet switched (ws) PDU, outlet switched with outlet metering (wsi) PDU, three phase PDUs, Dual security PDU, Environmental monitoring, sensor peripherals, is no challenge at all since every one of these devices have a specific mobile application and we assure you calibrating the right system or network for your specific application. The H5A is our next generation camera line, featuring, video analytics technology (VAT), which is capable of identifying a greater number of objects, with greater accuracy, even in crowded places.

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