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Does manual testing still have career opportunities?

Does manual testing still have career opportunities?

Few years back I worked in a US based Company as a manual tester. With my 5 years of experience I wanted to get something better in my career. I took up Selenium training at TestLeaf. Their hands-on training under expert guidance and lot of practical and project related training helped me find the job and hike I was looking for within 2 months after the completion of my training.

Here I am not going to tell my story. This story is about a colleague and a dear friend till date who worked with me in the same Company. We both had almost same years of experience in manual testing then. He had programming fears and was skeptical on doing Selenium training in Chennai and was comfortable with what he had. Even after advising him to come with me and enroll for the Selenium training, he was not interested.

Due to hectic schedules and busy life we lost touch with each other. I was surprised to receive a call from him 2 days back that he has been laid off 2 months back as his Company was downsizing. Since he continued to work as manual tester and did not upskill according to the market requirement his company felt him not suitable for the future project requirements. He told me that he tried attending interviews but got reject as he didn’t have automation skillset. The few manual testing openings he tried also failed as he was over-experienced. I felt bad for him. I insisted him this time to take up the training in Selenium and not to think about any other institute or centre but directly enroll at TestLeaf.

I gave him a quick intro on why Selenium has a great demand and why every tester should keep on upskilling with multiple tools to keep in sync with the market demands. Selenium features that I explained him are as below

Selenium tool runs tests much faster than human users

Selenium is an open source tool which can be easily accessed by anyone

Using automation tool helps to reduce manual errors and accuracy can be achieved

Selenium is a tool which works with all the programming languages like Java, Python, C# etc.

Selenium also is compatible with all OS.

The best part of this tool is – it has a wide range of user support community where one can find solution to any selenium related issues.

Since my friend has now 8+ years of overall manual testing experience I suggested him to learn Selenium with WebServices (Rest API and Soap UI) training also at Testleaf. Competition being tough in the market and my friend being in a Test Lead role, so knowledge with one tool will not get him a good job or a better salary.

On my suggestion, at last he enrolled for the Selenium weekend batch at TestLeaf. I called him to find how the training is proceeding for him and no surprise he was extremely happy and satisfied. He had a self-realization that this training he could have take few years back and would have been in a better position. Nevertheless, with the super and rigorous training at TestLeaf – I am 100% confidence he will have great offers coming in after completing his training. They also providing RPA Training in Chennai So friends I urge my tester friends to not repeat the mistake my colleague did. Wish you great testing career!!!

RPA UIPath is the most popular robotic automation tool in the market right now as certification for this comes with no cost. If you are not good with coding/programming but most ant to upskill with a new technology – this is the one for you. It is predicted that, by 2020 almost 92% of the European companies will implement RPA system. Want to become an RPA expert, Join RPA Training in Chennai at TestLeaf.

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