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Career in Testing Automation through Selenium

Career in Testing Automation through Selenium

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software program that copies manual actions while working together with a computer application and achieving automation of processes which are recurring and rule-based. It is mainly useful for automating a task which is done manually. RPA is regularly endorsed as a remedy that can be implemented independently by a Company. Once RPA tool has been installed, minimum human touch points are needed as workers are not required to interact continuously with application interfaces. This makes sure security as well as less chances of human errors.

RPA tools are widely used in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Telecommunication industries. In Healthcare companies RPA tools can help in automating appointments, patient’s data entries, claim process, billings etc. For Banking companies also RPA plays an important role as accuracy and security of data is very crucial here. Retail and Telecommunication industry also gets benefitted with RPA automation as it helps in tracking orders and shipments and maintaining customer data in large scale.

RPA is different from test automation. It is process automation tool. Test automation automates repetitive test cases where as RPA tools automate business processes. Coding knowledge is not required in RPA unlike test automation. RPA usually works on production environments. RPA deployment can provide following benefits for any organization:

  1. Automation of huge number of process can be done easily.
  2. Expense is reduced considerably as repetitive task is easily handled by RPA and time and resource is saved.
  3. Coding knowledge and programming skills are not required to work with RPA tools.
  4. RPA ensures that processes are completed with speed and without any errors.
  5. The RPA tools helps to quickly exhibit and deploy the automation process.
  6. Since manual interference is very minimal so no need for training.
  7. RPA tools can be deployed for 24/7 process where human beings have limitation.

 Research shows that RPA will be adopted by large companies and its market share in year 2020 will cross $1 billion. The next most wanted technology in the IT sector will be  RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Since Automation demand and need will increase in the coming years, RPA will also create huge job opportunities as well. Requirement for RPA professionals will rise steeply in future.

Numerous Languages and GUI Selection

RPA Training in Chennai offers help to test applications that are in various dialects, where this can’t be tried with regards to manual testing. Aside from this Selenium gives high Graphical User Interface (GUI) backing to test web applications where there are numerous classes explicitly assigned to play out these activities. Aside from human dialects, Selenium can be utilized with various programming dialects, they are Java, C#, Python, and so forth. This helps the Automation Testers who are from various foundations to deftly work in Selenium as they will be increasingly agreeable in their specific field.

Other than the previously mentioned aces, Selenium has a great deal to offer in the present Information Technology world. Because of these reasons, Selenium is very acclaimed in the robotization field and clients of Selenium and the organizations that are utilizing the Selenium device are unquestionably increasingly happy with the outcomes that are accomplished utilized the Selenium device to mechanize experiments. Because of these reasons, there are numerous understudies and working experts

Even though RPA tools are easy to use, proper training and hands-on is important. Though RPA has various tools but the best one to upskill is UiPath. UiPath is the most popular RPA tool. Certification for UiPath comes free till Dec 31st and its very easy to learn and implement. TestLeaf in Chennai is the best place to get training for RPA UiPath. Participants get in-depth knowledge in UiPath. TestLeaf training permits the participants to automate real-time process which are associated with different sectors. They not only provide full hands-on training but also help you with certification support. Post training, they also provide placement support for RPA openings as well.

So now it is very clear from the above information that if you plan to up skill with the most desirous technology – Selenium Training in Chennai  is the only one. If you have a fear of programming – RPA is your answer. If you are looking for great opportunities in IT sector – RPA skills can get it for you. Don’t think and let the time go – learn and earn with RPA tools. All the best!

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