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Car Accessories: 2020 Car Tech You Never Knew You Needed

Car Accessories: 2020 Car Tech You Never Knew You Needed

Whether you use your RV for road trips only, or you enjoy the daily car drive to the grocery store and the office, owning and taking care of your vehicle has become an extension of yourself and your lifestyle. Naturally, you want to keep your car in the best possible condition, together with the accompanying accessories and tech gadgets that will surely improve your driving experience, safety on the road, and level of comfort.

Before you start randomly picking and choosing potential additions for your vehicle, it’s time to make some fair assessments. The following list compiles a few of the most purposeful, functional choices for every modern-day car owner, and it can be your go-to advisor when it’s time to get ready for your next adventure or you wish to upgrade your ride. Among all the potential purchases, these are a surefire way to improve your lifestyle and your driving experience for the long haul.

The simplified jump starter

When you plan a trip with your family to explore those wonderful, yet remote nooks of your country, you cannot always count on the presence of others on the road to help you. So, what happens when your car is too lazy to start on a cold morning, or you find yourself stuck? Jumper cables are a practical solution when there are other vehicles available, but without them, you should pack your self-powered jump starter.

Not only will you be able to get back on the road in no time, but you’ll also find that this amazing tool can charge your other devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. Talk about multi-purpose tech tools for your next trip!

Surveillance for your RV

Hitting the road with your family, or your furry companion, and venturing into the unknown to camp out and watch the sunset is all anyone could wish for, especially in the midst of this ongoing pandemic. Heading out in your RV is possibly the safest way to stick to the lockdown and social distancing rules while simultaneously spending more time in nature.

However, if you plan to camp out in a designated area with others present and you will find yourself on busy roads, you should install a comprehensive RV camera system that simplifies parking in smaller spaces and helps you monitor the road with ease. Observing the road at any angle is vital to stay safe on a road trip, while visiting a busy camping area means you’ll need to thread the needle when parking your RV, all of which is simplified with proper surveillance. Not to mention the increased security when you’re away hiking, so that you know precisely what’s going on with your vehicle.

A rooftop cargo box

For those who don’t have an RV at their disposal, but still want to take a long road trip and bring the whole family, you need a practical, yet seamless solution for taking all of your essentials with you. The ideal answer lies in bringing a rooftop cargo box, which is made to be durable and extremely easy to mount on top of your car. Just make sure you have a rack to place the box on, or you’ll need to install that beforehand.

A smart tire pressure monitor

In addition to your braking system, your tires need to be in pristine condition for each and every trip you take, no matter how brief it might be. That said, one of the most vital safety precautions you should take is to check tire pressure regularly. That will help you prevent accidents when you drive, and it will prolong the lifespan of your tires and the comfort level of your ride.

Now, instead of manual checks that might not be as accurate as you’d assume, especially if you’re too experienced with the practice, you can do so on the go with the help of a tire pressure monitoring system made to do it for you. What’s great is that these systems fit wonderfully with any type of a vehicle, be it your car or your family-perfect RV.

An emergency tool

When you think about your plans for the road, you definitely don’t want to focus on the prospect of a potential car accident. Alas, they are a reality for so many modern travelers, and it’s necessary to brace yourself in every way possible. That includes what you purchase ahead of the road trip, although you might never need to use it. The tool we all hope we’ll never have to use but we respect nonetheless, a multi-purpose escape tool is one of the smartest ways to prepare for an emergency on the road.

These tools are designed with your safety in mind, so even if you have to use them to cut your seatbelt or break glass, you’ll be able to do so in a manner that will prevent any additional injury for you and other passengers. Some even appear like the classic Swiss knife, so they have a flashlight, a knife, and other accessories built in – it all depends how versatile you want to go.

Sure, you can start by getting a portable coffee maker to shorten your morning preparations for the office, but you can also revamp your entire driving experience with these smart, tech-driven accessories. These are meant to give you peace of mind, increase your safety during your drives (and when you need to park your RV), and they’ll ensure you have a smooth ride every time you hit the road.

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