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Capitalizing on Social Media Marketing Trends: 7 Things a Start-Up Business Must Do

Capitalizing on Social Media Marketing Trends: 7 Things a Start-Up Business Must Do

In a world of boundless opportunities, both big and small business owners are on the lookout for the latest marketing trends that can help them generate sales and promote their products or services. Most businesses are taking advantage of social media platforms to attract new customers and compete with other brands. However, the competition is getting tougher each day, as new trends emerge and social platforms evolve along with the behavior of consumers.

Despite the opportunities and convenience that the online world offers, staying ahead of the curve is a major challenge for business owners, especially those who plan to promote a start-up business without the right campaigns and marketing strategies.

Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Whether you’re a new or seasoned entrepreneur planning to launch a start-up, you need to understand that social media marketing is essential for your business to thrive. Marketing via social media is especially easy for small business owners who can actively post content and engage with their followers on social media pages. If you don’t engage with your customers, chances are you won’t succeed in social media marketing.

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting a Business

Even if you’re brimming with ideas, it can be challenging to lay out your ideas, especially for a start-up with limited resources and budget constraints. Thankfully, social media offers the right marketing tools and strategies for you to build your brand awareness and acquire potential customers. Read on to find out the seven do’s and don’ts of starting a business.

1.DO Collaborate

Social networks—like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—are a great way to promote your brand, engage with potential customers, and connect with current ones. As a small business owner, collaborating with other small businesses is an effective way to expand your online reach and gain more followers. For example, you can team up with neighboring businesses that target customers within your niche for discount coupons, social media contests, and giveaways. You can also promote their business via Twitter or Instagram stories and vice versa to show camaraderie. When it comes to starting a business, do collaborate to establish connections and expand your brand awareness.

2. DON’T Waste Time, Resources, and Energy

Perhaps the most important rule for marketers and business owners to succeed is to always choose to work smart. How you use your resources can make or break the future of your start-up business. Although you can pay for some advertising features online (like on Facebook), social media is free, so capitalize on that instead. You can target your advertisements to reach people within your niche you don’t end up paying for advertising outside of your local customer base. When starting a business, don’t waste your time, resources and energy on unimportant distractions and direct your efforts instead to taking care of the things that really matter.

3. DO Provide Personalized Customer Service

Who wouldn’t appreciate some personal service in this day and age? Unlike big corporations, small business owners have the social media marketing advantage because of the personalized attention they offer to their customers. As a business owner, you are given a platform to connect with your customers and offer them a lot more than just scripted responses about your business. When you provide personalized attention, it becomes part of your customers’ buying experience and can grant you a lot of regulars in the long run.

4. DON’T Sell Yourself Short

Planning to launch a start-up is not an easy feat for any business owner. Most would struggle at first, or even tend to sell themselves short out of fear or self-doubt. As a marketer, you need to realize that your ideas and skills have more value than you give yourself credit for. If you don’t have the guts to believe in yourself and your potential as a business owner, then it would be extremely hard for you to get people to believe in your products and services. If you want to make the money you think you deserve, then don’t ever sell yourself short.

5. DON’T Forget to Ask for Feedback

Customer feedback is an important aspect of running a business, especially for start-ups. Reviews and testimonials from customers can automatically build credibility and a sound reputation for your business. Social media can be a great way to obtain feedback from your customers, and you can get creative by throwing in a marketing tactic, like offering them a discount on their next purchase if they give feedback on your products or services. When starting a business, don’t forget to ask for feedback so you can boost referrals, improve the quality and efficiency of your products, and leave room for business growth.

6. DO Keep Up with the Latest Social Media Marketing Trends

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then keeping up with the latest social media marketing trends and strategies is key. Need proof? Booky, a lifestyle app, was able to leverage the power of Facebook Ads to drive their business objectives, including customer acquisition and retention.  

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