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Doesn’t matter when you visit, any time of the year Amsterdam can be turned into the most romantic vacation you can imagine with just a little bit of tweaks and ideas. Whether it’s visiting the countryside of Zaanse Schans windmills or just other iconic windmills, tulip gardens you have a lot more things to do that will make your trip to Amsterdam the most romantic one. No matter what you and your partner’s tastes are, you will surely have a lot of things in store.

 Here is a list of things that will make your Amsterdam vacation the most romantic one: 

Amsterdam by Horse and Carriage- a Europe trip means you’d spend a lot of time on your feet and after all that walking a relaxing horse carriage will be the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved one while you enjoy the views of canals. Even though it might not be as pocket friendly, it will allow you to enjoy the canal city exclusively while you get some alone time with your partner. This ride is not really weathered dependent, any time of the year you can just hop on and just sit back with your better half in a cute and comfortable horse carriage. 

See a Film at Pathé Tuschinski- famously known as most beautiful cinemas, and the place where Art Deco and Art Nouveau join forces to blow you off your mind. Pathé Tuschinski is the spot to make a movie a memorable one in your lifetime. Just sit back and enjoy a wide range of Hollywood and indie films and once you’re done, you could even just take a walk a couple of blocks down to find the Xtracold ice bar or chic restaurants to dine in. 

Dine-in ‘Heaven’ in Amsterdam- originally known as Ciel Bleu aka Blue haven in french, is nested on the 23rd floor of the very famous Hotel Okura. This hotel offers not only a world-class Michelin dining experience but added to it is the stunning views of this pretty canal city. If you want to stick to something that is within budget then you can stop for a drink or two here at the champagne and cocktail bar called ‘Twenty-Third’ which also offers equally stunning views to enjoy with your partner.

Shower Your Loved One With Flowers- fresh flowers can never be wrong when it comes to showing your love for your partner. And Amsterdam has the perfect flower market -Bloemenmarkt for you to go in search of refreshing vibrant blossoms. This market is overloaded with seasonal flowers all year round, so why not wake up your partners with some flowers or surprise them with it before or after a nice long date. 

  1. Take a Private Amsterdam Canal Cruise- even though you would be shelling out a couple of extra euros with a private cruise, the canals of Amsterdam can surely be much more romantic spent alone than with a bunch of strangers. So hop on to one of the “salon boats” and enjoy quality time with your better half along with champagne or dinner on the cruise. It can certainly be the most romantic cruise in a lifetime. 

 Amsterdam by Night-  bridge lit up with fairy twinkling lights, and the waters shining so bright in the Grachtengordel which is commonly known as canal belt is a magical walk for couples at night. You don’t have to do anything but take a walk on the cobbled streets overlooking the canals and bridges, love will be up in the air. If you fancy night cruises, you can even book one of them where you can have a candlelight dinner whilst enjoying serene views of the canal city. 

Day Trip to Bollenstreek- with over 30 km of flower fields that stretch all the way to Leiden and Haarlem is your romantic getaway if you’re visiting during the months of March and May as it is season time. You can witness nature at its best with the tulips, daffodils, and crocuses here. One can either take a train from central Amsterdam to reach Leiden or just wing it and take a romantic cycle ride which will take about 2 hours to Haarlem. And if you happen to visit during mid-April then stop by at the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse to see the iconic tulip gardens.

Buy a Fresh Cut Diamond- what better way to express your love to your better half than by getting your hands on a diamond here in the famous diamond-polishing capitals of Europe.  Even though you might pay extra money due to exchange rates than in the US, Coster and other diamond factories are where you can get your hands on the perfect diamond jewellery for your better half. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford a 105-carat, a diamond is still a girl’s best friend nonetheless! 

These are just a few of the lovely romantic ideas that would make your vacation here in Amsterdam, you can explore and find the perfect places to make it even more magical even if it’s a cliche it will surely be worthy of a lifetime of experience. Go ahead and customise your Netherlands package with Pickyoutrail travel company. Ensure you include a few or more of the ideas above to make it the most romantic trip of your life.

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