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Can I Travel to India with a Criminal Record?

Can I Travel to India with a Criminal Record?

India, one of the various nations on the planet, has additionally actualized the electronic visa framework in 2012, much the same as some other nation. Now, foreign nationals can apply for the visa online when they wish to travel to the beautiful and incredible India. It has made it easier for foreign nationals.

But you have to be aware that you would need to disclose all the information related to you in your visa application, such as contact information, health records, and criminal records. And this information needs to be filled as truthfully as you can. Many people applying for a visa to India think that they might not get their visas approved because of their criminal records. 

And today, we are going to provide you all the answers to that question. Today we will look at how you can travel to India if you have criminal charges filed against you.

Criminal records wanted by India

Recently the Indian government changed its policy regarding the Indian visa, and now they require you to declare the criminal record. They require it to check child sexual abuse and another related charge to make sure they aren’t allowing a wanted people to India.

Yet, you need to realize that a large portion of the nations around the globe request this criminal record against your name. But they do not ask other countries for their criminal records just for the India tourist visa application form. They only rely on the information provided by travelers. You should lie in the questionnaire, though, because you could get in trouble for lying on an official document. And you should know that some agencies share information with other countries such as Interpol and Five Eyes.

Going to India with Criminal Record

Though it was not required until recently when Women and Child Development Minister Menka Gandhi announced that it would be needed from 2018 onwards. And this rule was made to prevent child sex offenders from entering the country.

Now, when it comes to going to India with a criminal record, you can’t say for sure that you’d get a visa. Again, each case is processed individually, and the applicants can’t be defined in a particular category. In general, most of the people are allowed to visit India, with minor cases registered against them. But that doesn’t mean everyone gets a free pass and travels to India with a criminal record.

So, all in all, it is exceptionally subjective to whether you’d get the visa or not. But you should disclose all the information about yourself truthfully.

Well, traveling to India with a criminal record is very subjective on which kind of record you have. So, you have to truthfully disclose all the details about your criminal record while applying for an India visa and wait for it to be approved. Since lying about it isn’t right, you may confront prompt punishments.

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