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Hidden Gems Of Cambodia That You Should Not Miss

Hidden Gems Of Cambodia That You Should Not Miss

No Hotels, no western restaurants and no wisp of WiFi may sound astonishing to some but for many, it is the Bliss with Peace. Cambodia is often mistaken as being all about Angkor, but there are places which are jaw-droppingly beautiful that will make you forget the swarms at Angkor.

There are places that are secluded and is the best attraction for the ones who want to stay away from loads of annoying tourists.

South East Asia has some tucked away places that can be explored only if you go beyond the surface of Cambodia. You will stumble upon some nooks and crannies of some untrodden coastal line with warm and welcoming people.

We know you would have invested a lot of time scanning the internet for Cambodia destinations and Cambodia package but we have crafted this list of some of the hidden gems which surely will compel you to add more days to your travel and will long last as a Cambodia memory!

Obviously, Angkor Wat is a must see and should not be missed tourist place but take a peek into the below list.

We are sure you would not have so far heard about them and would be added to your bucket list soon.

Banteay Chhmar:


This secret place should remain a secret…. Jokes apart, this place is huge and is the 4th largest and 12th-century Angkorian temple in Cambodia. Located 2 hours from Siem Reap, this temple has remained untouched and undiscovered for more than 800 years and is linked with the cultural heritage of Khmer people. The place is located in a jungle and is a treasure trove of mystery.

Being at a remote location it was not much in tourism’s reach but recent development has been carried out by the Cambodian government and local authorities. It has walls carved with bas-reliefs and face towers that is similar to Angkor. Just moving past 12 km from the place, you will also find Prasat Samnang Tasok temple that will keep you awe-struck.

Koh Rong Samloem:

This island you will surely want to keep it to yourself. This pristine beauty is underdeveloped but will surely allow you to explore the “real life” disconnecting you with everything else. You will find hammocks slung between the coconuts and Angkor beer that is widely popular.

You can reach here in a boat by just traveling 2 hours from Sihanoukville and the place is covered with rich golden sands and pearl white beaches.

Surprising as it may sound, Koh Rong Samloem has some free-roaming wildlife which is a delight in itself. The place consist of 2 piers so make sure where you are getting dropped from the ferry. It is the best place for the ones who want to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. Needless to say, electricity here runs on generators but only certain hotels will have electricity 24/7. So let’s plan up the next Cambodia Holidays here?

Rabbit Island(Koh Tonsay):

250m-long beach that has rustic beachcomber lifestyle where you can not expect sparkling white sand. Rabbit island hardly has basic necessities and is just a half an hour from Kep’s coastline. Heard of the term “technology Detox”? Amazed? Yes, this place has no electricity and no WiFi.

You can swing in the hammocks, interact with the locals, play games there and relax. The name is derived by the locals who feel that the place resembles a rabbit. You can cover nearby places namely Koh Pos and Koh Svay at your own expense where you can have some exceptionally beautiful views.

At rabbit island, you might have to make efforts even to get your own dinner. Surely, this is a place which will get you back to nature and not glamour.


This place is located on the western side of Cambodia, the surroundings of this particular place are really amazing. Located near the Thailand border, this place is less visited by the tourists. At this place, you can go for the trekking on the Blue Mountains alongside Otaveo Waterfall where you can spend the whole day. You can savor some local food from little restaurants that are untouched by tourism.

You can also visit the temple of Wat Phnom Yat located on the hilltop.

Found Interesting?  You can know more about the places and ways of getting there through popular Cambodia tour package. Explore the unexplored places in Cambodia in your next visit.

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