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Cables and Serenity

Cables and Serenity

In today’s explosion of communication devices and more to come we are already in a maze of tangled wires that can be a messy affair not to mention dangerous to equipment and cables. You need not stay in this messy situation. If you have decided to resolve this disorganized state of affairs the cabling has to be done in an organized manner at the very setup stage. If set up in an organized fashion at the outset it is not difficult to sustain that organization even as more cables pile on over time as you upgrade equipment and your facility. 

Cable Management solutions are dependent, on the scale of operation, client specifications, and end application. Made of special grade steel tube, completely modular, light weight but rugged, minimizing deflection, the runway and accessories are of the highest quality standards.

Standard runways are in 12” 18” and 24” compositions. Complete with a full range of accessories to fix the runway above the rack, on the rack or below the ceiling. This is an amazingly aesthetic solution, with its modular design, reduced cable damage, and better control on proper cable bend radius.

Vertical cable organizers (VCOs) are a solution specially designed to beat the competition, in price for the low and medium density cable management, where vacant rack space is utilized to mount other equipment. These standard configurations, of 4” and 6” with a front cover or both front and back cover, accompanied by a mounting bracket, rigid PVC frame, punched side slots for cable entry/exit are designed and manufactured under the uncompromising, stringent ISO 9001-2008 standards. 

Cable management rack is a rack (apparatus), as well as process that fits into the “necessity is the mother of invention” paradigm. The rack, the servers and cables per se do not manage themselves. It is indeed challenging if not baffling, organizing and maintaining cables when working around servers and their multitudinous cables and connectors. Working up a gigantic headache is easy, when you are trying to work around a maze of haphazardly laid cables, not to mention the potential damage to cabling and peripherals.

As mentioned at the outset, each set-up would have a different solution. So let us take a glimpse of some of these solutions. For coaxial, fibre, copper wiring, and patch cords, the horizontal configuration is best advised. Then we have the vertically arranged system where the cables are arranged in such a way as to enhance air flow. Next we have the cable tray system that has cables running from one point to another, usually within the ceiling or the floor. The trays vary in form and structure, varying from the basket type to the solid. The solid trays provide a high level of protection while the basket type provide for amazing airflow. The type of tray or solution to your application depends on where you plan to case the wires, in the ground, or in the ceiling or perhaps hanging from the ceiling if you are in an industrial setting. 

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