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Busting the myths about a career in artificial intelligence

Busting the myths about a career in artificial intelligence

If you go by available statistics, a career in artificial intelligence is definitely a promising one. There are ample opportunities and offer way better salary salaries compared to other IT jobs. According to Indeed, the number of job postings in artificial intelligence has increased by 119 percent, and the demand for AI professionals has increased by 3 times. Hence, many AI-aspirants are looking to get into. But, there are lots of myths associated with a career in artificial intelligence which holds them back.

Even though there’s a huge demand for AI-professionals, employers are struggling to find talent. This because of a lack of qualified talent. As this is a challenging role, job aspirants interest in a career in AI is also leveled off. This poses a good opportunity for all those who are looking to switch to a career in AI.

 career in artificial intelligence

Building a career in artificial intelligence requires a self-controlled approach. There has to be dedication and tenacity. But, before there was to be absolute clarity on what does a career in AI looks like. Most people are interested in this because of the lucrative opportunities available, while others are interested because of their deep-rooted curiosity. Whatever your inspiration, before you go about learning it, it is important that you clear your mind off myths associated with it.

Here are some of the myths generally associated with Artificial Intelligence.

AI is absolutely new in the market

AI isn’t new at all. But it has created a lot of buzz in the last few years. The term’ Artificial Intelligence’ was coined by John McCarthy in 1956.

Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, and Machine learning are same.

No, all three differ widely. In simpler words, artificial intelligence is an umbrella term and ML (machine learning) is a small part of it. In ML, data is fed to systems to make them learn. Deep learning is smaller part of machine learning.
Artificial intelligence covers all.

  1. AI is only for tech companies.

    Not at all. AI is just as applicable to healthcare, finance, education, as it is to tech companies. In fact, every sector is keen on cashing on the benefits offered by it.
  2. Specialization is required for AI

    There are plenty of resources which suggest that one needs to have knowledge of probability, calculus, statistics, mathematics, and more. Well, that’s just half the truth.

    To work in AI, one has to stay consistently curious and be passionate about solving problems. In AI, one has to work with huge amount of data, so one needs to have an analytical mindset.  So there’s a lot more which one needs to have. For those, who are already in working in this, AI certifications can help to boost career opportunities. As companies are already struggling to find talent, certifications to build credibility.

AI opportunities are only available at top companies

This can’t be farther than the truth. Surely, technology is driving innovation at most top tech companies, but demand for talent is equally strong at startups. Hiring for AI roles in start-ups is just as strong. Unbelievably, start-ups are willing to pay more than market price to get the right talent.

Overall, the field of AI is growing exponentially. Alexa, Google Assistant, Okay Google, Siri have set the benchmarks for AI and its capabilities. As companies move forward towards adoption of AI, more opportunities will come. So it is a good time to start learning skills and get prepared for it. Opportunities are ample, but lack of talent is forcing companies to hire from foreign countries.

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