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Tips for Planning a Business Party

Tips for Planning a Business Party

If you’re in charge of the next business party at your company, you’ll have to do your best to make all the arrangements in time, not to exceed your budget and most of all to ensure everybody has a great time. Therefore, you’ll need to plan everything meticulously and not let any detail escape you. In case you need some inspiration, we’ve prepared a few tips that you can rely on and plan the best office party.

Think about the budget

First of all, you’ll need a certain budget for planning an unforgettable party. If your boss sets one, you’ll have to make sure you don’t exceed it, but also that you don’t save too much and sacrifice the quality of the party. Therefore, it would be smart to do thorough research on the caterer, the decorations, the venue and everything else you want to include into your shindig. Make sure you discuss all the costs in detail, and always ask what the price of the venue, for example, includes. They may want to include decorations in the costs, and you might have to take care of it yourself. It won’t cost the same to have your New York rooftop venue decorated on your own and by the venue staff, so check everything in advance.

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Choose a theme

Having a certain theme is always a good idea for a party. Unless it’s a Christmas or Easter party, which usually have their own trademark décor, you can think of a few ideas that will make the venue look awesome, and the entire guest party will be more entertained. A costume party doesn’t have to be only for Halloween, but you can also have your colleagues put on a mask in the middle of December. Even better, if you live in San Francisco, for example, you can have everyone go for a 1960s theme and let the flower child in you roam around with the rest of the hippies.

Think about locations

The choice of venue is also one of the crucial factors of a great office party. Therefore, if you want to have a party outside the office, it’s time you started brainstorming all the interesting locations that will satisfy the taste of the majority of employees. One of the off-site experiences that will make your office party truly unique is Archie Rose whiskey distillery. Aside from tasting some of the finest beverages, you can also have everyone mix their own gin or whiskey in between the meals.

Set the date

Depending on the season during which you’re orchestrating the office party, you’ll want to pick the date that best suits the majority if not everyone, but also the one that will allow you to spend a reasonable amount of money on all the necessities. When it comes to holidays parties, it’s best to avoid days that are too close to the holiday date. Namely, Christmas parties are best thrown between December 7th and 15th. That’s the time when everyone is still somewhat handling the errands well, and they’re not too swamped with work. Duties tend to pile up before the holiday is here, so make sure you choose the time that’s the least frustrating for everyone to have fun and not think about work.

Create an agenda

The party should run smoothly, and a carefully created agenda will be of great help for that. As long as the agenda has outlined thetime for everyone’s arrival, when the cocktails and appetizers should be served, time for dinner/lunch, and everything that comes after, you’ll have the best-planned party yet. Don’t forget to include employee recognition and gift exchange if you’re throwing a holiday office party.

Throwing a business party may seem challenging, but with careful planning, it can be done perfectly. Just make sure you don’t rush the organization, feel free to ask for help and you’ll plan the best party ever.

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