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On-Demand, Multi-Service is the elixir of success and immortality that your Business desperately needs the Gojek Clone app to increase its sales exponentially. The secret of what catapults a Small-Scale Company into a Global Corporate Giant is its vast and diverse Customer Base. Your Business like Gojek is destined to be a phenomenal success because of its unique platform that allows Service Providers from different walks of life to directly interact with their Potential Customers. On average Millions of Users log in to this App every day and find it a bliss that they can shop for anything and everything right in one place.

Arresting And Life-Enhancing Services Of App Like Gojek

Taxi Booking

Lillian White has been Surfing in the Hawaiian Waters since early morning and now after three hours, she is dead tired and her stomach is grumbling. But first, she wants to go home and take an Icy-Cold shower to help the muscles relax. She opens her favorite App and books a Moto Ride to the Gold Coast of Honolulu where she lives in an Ocean-Facing Condo. She pays using In-App Wallet and also tips the Moto Ride Taxi Driver US $5 for taking her home in hardly 10 minutes by beating the Traffic!

She’s Starving!

After Lillian slips into her Panda-print Pyjamas right after her shower, she opens the same App to order Garlic Shrimp and Huli Huli Chicken. While she is waiting for the Food to be Delivered, she recalls that she is out of her Multivitamin Tablets that she is supposed to take every morning after breakfast.

Pharmacy! Gojek Clone App has everything!

Lillian places an online order for Honibe Complete Adult Multivitamin from her nearest Pharmacy using this App. The Pharmacy was offering her Flat 5% off on all Prepaid Orders and guaranteed Free Delivery in 10 minutes. Right after ordering her meds, she gets a notification on her App stating that the Food has been delivered and is kept at the Doorstep. She is able to view the Package Location and Condition even before she steps out to fetch her meal.

Delivery Runner

Lillian is tired but she has gotten an invitation to be at her friend’s daughter’s Birthday Party and that happens to be today. She opens the same App and hires a Personal Shopper to go run errands for her. She asks him to buy Strawberry Shortcake and Hello-Kitty Mini-Waffles from Kulu Kulu Bakery. She has already made the payment for the Products from the Bakery. The Delivery Runner Mathew has to simply pick up the order and deliver it to a Condo on Waikiki Beach. Lillian’s friend Mia is furious at her! She is yelling at her that she cannot miss her daughter’s 10th Birthday Party!

Lillian takes her Chevrolet Cobalt out and heads towards Waikiki Beach!


Transport and Logistics, Scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Masseuse, Physiotherapist, Lawyer, and Interior Designer, alongside availing Services of a Detailed External Car Wash, an Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, and Security Guard.

The list has just begun!

But it’s not just the Services but its Pioneering Features that have set the stage on fire!


Numeric OTP Verification before Starting the Task

A Four-Digit Numeric OTP is generated and sent to Service Providers’ registered mobile numbers and Email Addresses. This adds another layer of Security as only after the Service Provider punches in the OTP and gets verified, the Task can officially Start. This Feature comes in handy for Service Providers such as Beauticians, Online Taxi Booking, Food, and Grocery Delivery, Handyman Services such as carpenters, plumbers, Electricians, and even Mobile Car Wash Mechanics.

Instant Taxi Booking with Apple Smart-Watches!

This feature is only available for iOS Users. It is here that one can book Taxis and even pay online using one iWatch! All that the User has to do is connect one’s iWatch to the iPhone 11 Pro and ensure a constant Wi-Fi connection. Then the User has to download Taxi Booking iWatch App on the smart-watch and simultaneously a Rider’s App gets installed in the User’s iPhone. With a couple of taps, the Users’ Taxi is Booked!


Powerful Gojek Clone App will burgeon your On-Demand Multi-Service Business into a Multi-Billion Dollar establishment in a matter of time. It is simply because of its Profit-Centric Business Models and Ultra-Modern Features and Services. Do you also aspire to become a successful Entrepreneur? Do you want to make easy and fast money in an ethical way? Then contact a mobile app development company right away and launch your very own Gojek-like App in a record 7 days!

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