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How a Blog Influences Business Marketing Strategies

How a Blog Influences Business Marketing Strategies

Blogging has become an essential part of doing business, with 55% of marketers reporting it as their top inbound marketing priority. Stats also say that 81% of B2B’s use it as a marketing strategy, while marketers who prioritize blogs increase their chances for a positive ROI 13 times. The fact is that your prospects use online searches to get the information they need, and if your blog pops up with such information presented in the way they find attractive, you might get high-quality traffic and close some deals.

Design School by the popular Australian software Canva is an excellent example of what a great blog can do – the company offers their prospects a chance to easily learn how to make beautiful designs, while also promoting their product. There are many other exceptional Australian companies whose blogs are thriving and bringing a lot of qualified traffic to their websites, and thus a lot of conversions.

If done right, blogging for business can significantly improve your online visibility and reputation, generate more qualified leads, and boost your sales, as well as help you keep your customers. Here is a closer look at how a blog can influence business marketing strategies.

Drive more traffic

Blogging on the important topics in your industry can boost your traffic significantly, and thus increase your customer base. Still, in order to achieve all this, your blog has to fulfill certain criteria:

  • Provide high-quality content, which your prospects will find useful and relevant. The first step of a solid content marketing strategy is to research your target audience well and create a detailed buyer persona, knowing not only their demographic but also their pain points and needs.
  • Post your content consistently – make a posting schedule and stick to it. This matters for your search engine rankings, but also for staying on your audience’s radar.
  • Optimize your content for search engines as that will give your rankings a boost. This means you will have to use keywords relevant to your industry. In order to rank well in queries, you will also have to obtain backlinks from reputable and trustworthy sources too, as well as optimize your meta tags and provide great user experience to your costumers.
  • Promote your blog on social media. Organic reach will bring you some traffic, but in order to really make a difference, make use of paid ads.

Build authority in your niche

By creating useful and relevant content in your industry consistently, you can become a reliable and trustworthy authority in your industry. In order to reach such a position in the eyes of your existing and potential customers, your blog posts should be customer-centric, meaning all the content you provide should be focused on informing and educating your prospects, as well as helping them solve their issues. It also won’t hurt if your blog posts are funny and entertaining. 

Surely, you can find a better way of promoting your services or your products than providing salesy and pushy content your customers can’t benefit from. If you find that you can lack ideas, try making how-to videos, write about the latest events and news in your industry, or create an infographic showing the latest industry trends. Keep it diverse and fresh, provide your prospects with answers to their pressing questions, and watch your authority rise.

Generate new leads

It is not enough to just bring more traffic to your website – it’s the conversion rate that counts. You can generate new qualified leads using your blog, by producing content which will attract, nurture, and qualify your leads through the sales funnel. You need to engage your customers through every phase of their buyer’s journey:

  • The first step your prospects take is when they begin to realize that they have a problem or a need and start researching. This is called the top-of-the-funnel state, and you need to create content which can make them aware of such a need or a problem, and let them know there are solutions.
  • At the middle-of-the-funnel stage, your prospects try to gain a better understanding of the existing solutions, so you need to provide them with such content through webinars, video tutorials, white papers, etc.
  • Those who are at the very bottom of the funnel will evaluate your solution, so this is a perfect phase for free trials, demo offers, social proof, and other content which can convince your prospects that your product or service is the best solution. Providing your prospects with customer reviews can give your prospects a nudge towards converting.

So, when you bring traffic to your page, it is important to have the right content to keep your “suspects” coming back and turn them into prospects. Create a sign-up form on your blog in order to capture your leads’ most important data, such as name and email address, so that you can nurture them using email marketing techniques too. Also, if you are running an e-commerce store, use a CTA in each post, and make sure to improve your prospects involvement and engagement during their buyer’s journey. That’s why it is a good idea to find a reliable Magento developer in Sydney to help you build an effective online store and improve your customers’ experience while they’re exploring your products.

Increase customer engagement

If you take your blogging seriously, you can significantly increase your customers’ engagement, not only with your blog posts but also with your brand. Blogging will give you an opportunity to start interacting with your prospects, and if you add social share buttons to your blog posts, this interaction can continue on social media channels and further increase your prospects’ engagement. Your blog can be a place for your customers to give you feedback and ask questions, and if you treat them respectfully and answer them timely and comprehensively, you can build trust and loyalty. A blog can be a big step towards improving your customers’ experience with your brand, and satisfied customers will turn into loyal ones. They’ll also be likely to share their positive experiences with your brand and recommend you to their friends and family. And just like that, you’ve landed yourself an army of brand ambassadors.

These are only a few ways how your blog can make your marketing strategies more efficient, resulting in the growth of your business, and an increase in your brand’s visibility. Although it demands discipline and commitment, blogging can bring you such benefits that it is definitely worth all the effort.

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