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Earth Hour | Building Events That Are Meaningful and Sustainable

Earth Hour | Building Events That Are Meaningful and Sustainable

Organizing an event is no longer just about promoting a thought or a brand but also about finding the best ways to make it more sustainable and eco-friendly. The growing awareness about the need to conserve the environment and preserve its various resources has naturally impacted the event industry as well. This is because almost every event takes a heavy toll on the environment through generations of huge amounts of waste and an increase in the production of harmful emissions such as CO2. In addition, the events also put considerable strain on various resources such as water and energy, which further worsens their environmental impact.

What Are Sustainable Events?

Sustainable events focus on minimizing the environmental impact and reducing the carbon footprint by integrating social and environmental issues into event planning. They reflect the commitment of the event organizers to environmental conservation, by taking the appropriate steps to reduce the significant negative impact or harm to the same at every stage of event planning and organization.

Such events also leave behind legacies that offer great benefits for all communities. Most importantly, such events often prove to be more convenient, interesting and satisfying for both organizers as well as participants. All these aspects have contributed to ensuring that sustainable events are becoming increasingly popular.

Simple Steps For Creating Sustainable Events

It is a common perception that organizing decent events and keeping them sustainable do not go hand-in-hand. However, this is not true as hosting amazing events that are also environment-friendly and have a relatively small carbon footprint is quite possible. All the event organizers need to ensure is that they have a proper understanding of the environmental impact of their event and the best ways to reduce the same. The below discussed are five simple steps that can help organizers make their events more sustainable.

Choose The Right Venue

The choice of venue plays an extremely important role in making an event sustainable. This requires the organizers to factor in a wide range of aspects, including the type and duration of the event, the maximum number of estimated participants, accessibility of the venue and other similar aspects. It is advisable to consider each of these aspects individually as well in combination with each other. Such a thorough analysis provides the organizers with the necessary information about which venue would best suit their needs and also prove to be the most eco-friendly option.

Integrate Technology Solutions

The extensive use of technology in every field has also impacted the process of event organization and management in a significant manner. Organizers should take advantage of the easy availability of a wide variety of software for efficient event planning and management. In addition, they can invest in an event app customized to meet their specific needs. Similarly, the various digital channels can be used for ensuring effective event promotion and marketing among different sections of target audiences. In addition to minimizing wastage of time and resources, such use of technology also enhances the convenience for all parties involved.

Partner With Sustainable Caterers

Most events offer to serve some snacks or even entire meals to the participants. Partnering with caterers committed to ensuring greater sustainability is an effective way to make the event more eco-friendly. Such caterers focus on providing food made from locally and sensibly procured ingredients. They also ensure the use of reusable or bio-degradable dinnerware for serving food to the event attendees. Most such caterers also work closely with organizations that accept donations of any leftover food, which can help prevent food wastage.

Provide Waste Management Solutions

The efficient management of the huge amounts of waste generated during an event is the biggest challenge faced by organizers in terms of making it more sustainable. In most cases, they have to deal with dustbins overflowing with a mix of discarded papers, used plastic cups, and different types of food garbage. The best way to overcome this challenge is to generate awareness among the participants about proper waste disposal through a custom-designed agenda app long before the event takes place. The organizers should also ensure that the venue has a sufficient number of separate garbage with proper labelling for holding different types of waste.

Seek Involvement Of Various Contractors

Organizing an event is generally a collaborative effort involving the contribution of multiple contractors. Convincing them and seeking their participation can go a long way in building a sustainable event. By distributing the responsibility, organizers can make sure that every aspect of the event is organized in an eco-friendly manner. However, they need to make sure that the various contractors work in a coordinated manner to provide the desired sustainability results and make the event truly amazing.

Invest In Sustainable Supplies

Most events use a variety of supplies that end up being thrown away by the attendees within a short time of having received them. Supplies such as banners, decorations, pamphlets, and other items related to the brand or the concept on which the event is based. This adds to the overall waste generated at the event besides resulting in a great misuse of resources and money. Hence, it is advisable for event planners to invest in products that can be reused or recycled to help save both the environment and the funds involved.

Seek Ways To Save Energy

There is no denying the fact that a considerable amount of energy is consumed and wasted at various events. The lighting needs for the venue form a major percentage of this wastage besides which energy is consumed mainly for maintaining the right temperature. Finding ways to reduce the consumption of energy can go a long way in making an event sustainable. This might be ensured by opting for venues with ample natural lighting during the daytime to minimize the usage of electric lights. In addition, the organizers should plan the event at a time when the weather is pleasant and the need to use temperature controlling appliances is minimal.

Opt For Digital Goodie Bags

Replacing giveaway goodie bags, which mostly contain pamphlets, notepads, keychains and pens etc, with digital options is another way to make an event sustainable. The digital goodie bags may contain discount codes, e-tickets or freebies for the attendees, which they are likely to find more useful. These goodie bags can even be delivered to the attendees in an eco-friendly manner through the event app further reducing the wastage of time and resources. Moreover, they will contribute significantly towards creating a more engaging and memorable attendee experience.

Seek Go Green Suggestions

Seeking guidance and suggestions from prospective event participants to enhance the sustainability of the event makes it more engaging and interesting. Even though the chances of receiving suggestions that are already being implemented by the organizers are quite high, they may also hit the jackpot with some truly innovative ideas to improve sustainability. Moreover, this method makes the attendees feel truly involved and also reflects positively on the commitment of the event organizers to preventing environmental damage.

Making events sustainable help in ensuring great benefits for the environment as well as event organizers besides showcasing them as the torchbearers with respect to spreading awareness about preserving nature and its various resources. Rather than feeling daunted by the prospect of planning and managing such events, the organizers should view them as an opportunity to contribute towards making the earth a better place.

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