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7 ideas to Build an Amazing Treehouse in Your Backyard

7 ideas to Build an Amazing Treehouse in Your Backyard

A treehouse is a source of happiness for children and a place to escape stress and burdens for adults. You can also use a treehouse as a quiet environment for studies or as a place where you rekindle your love as a couple. Treehouse designs range from simple to ultra-modern treehouses with modern structures and amenities. In Australia, there are no strict regulations on how to build a treehouse, and you can get inspired by these most amazing treehouses in Australia. Below are some ideas for creating a fantastic treehouse in your backyard.

TreeHouse on the Trunk

Most people only have the idea of a house on a tree when it comes to treehouse living. You can go against the odds and build a simple treehouse around a tree trunk. This type of treehouse is simple to make and can incorporate different designs, including multi-storeyed design. Separate rooms or cabins can rest on different branches with ladders or stairs connecting them.

Suspended from Branches

Another common tree house design is a treehouse that suspends from the branches rather than sitting on them. This design, also known as tree tents, has the advantage of moving your treehouse to a tree of your choice and your preferred height. This treehouse mostly takes a spherical design, and one can use different materials including canvas, plywood, aluminum and many more. You can also use this design for traditional tree houses, but that will require complicated materials and plans.

Treehouse on Stilts

Modern tree houses do not necessarily have to be supported by a tree. Some of the new designs include self-supporting tree houses built in stilts. This treehouse type is easy to make and will offer the same views and a relaxed environment like the traditional treehouses. The only requirement is that the structure should be situated among trees to provide a natural feeling. One advantage of this treehouse design is that its architecture is not affected by the strength or the shape of the existing trees.

Forest Floor

Another treehouse design going against the treehouse tradition is the forest floor treehouse. One of the significant features of tree houses is that they are elevated, but there has been an argument for some ground-level forest trees to be part of the category. Despite not providing the users with the advantages associated with height, forest- floor tree houses also offer some of the treehouse experiences like the back-to-nature feel. This Idea may not be acceptable to treehouse purists but could provide a proper treehouse experience for people who won’t prefer the traditional tree house’s height.

Treehouse Platform

You can also make a perfect treehouse without including house features. A platform on top of trees also provides the fun of a treehouse except for the privacy. This above-ground space can be a perfect playground for children. You can add the fun by adding extra features like rides, rope ladders, and swings. This deck style treehouse is advantageous as you don’t have to construct the walls and a roof. The perfect place for such a house is a tree dense area to take advantage of the shade.

Modern Style Tree House

You can make a treehouse design modern by adding features like glass walls and other modern materials. Most modern treehouses are also free from tree attachments but will be close to trees for the natural feel. You can use Plywood for the sidewalls and wooden beams for support. This can be a DIY project as you only need basic carpentry skills and tools.

Imaginative Designs

Imaginative designs can add up to the fun if a treehouse is meant for children. Building a DIY treehouse allows you to add your turn your imagination into reality. There are a lot of ideas in both the structure and the materials you can use to bring out the uniqueness of your house. Adding a theme to a simple tree house makes improves its appearance hence making it more attractive to kids. Other examples include choosing unique designs like star shapes for the windows or using a pulley system instead of stairs. Some people also incorporate features like walkways and swaying rope bridges between two treehouses.

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