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Advantages of Using Bubble Wrap for Packing

Advantages of Using Bubble Wrap for Packing

Bubble wraps were created in 1957 by some engineers who marketed the material as textured wallpaper but they failed to attract customers. Later they conducted a survey and realized that the popping bubbles can release stress equivalent to massage and from there the journey of bubble wrap started. 

A bubble wrap is a transparent/translucent plastic material that is majorly used for packing fragile items. 

The bubble wrap sheet is designed in a way to provide cushioning to items it is wrapped on and the material used does not let the sheet tear or get damaged easily. It prevents items from shock and vibration. 

These bubble wraps are also used in some types of mailing envelopes. These wraps are made up of polyethene and have lower permeation barrier film to allow longer useful life and resistance to loss of air in vacuums. The bubbles created in it can be of different sizes from small, say 2.4 inches to bigger, say 1.0 inches to prevent items from shock during transit. 

Some Benefits of Bubble warp:

  • They Are Best Insulators Against Any Impact:  The primary function of the wrap is to keep the goods safe and secured and these bubble wraps are exceptionally good to keep it up. The air sealed inside the bubble gives a durable cushion and forms a sturdy barrier against even severe impact.
  • Lightweight: Bubble wrap is amongst the lightest packaging material. The structure consists of air and thin plastic material which makes them light in weight and it does not increase the shipping cost either.
  • These Are Very Cost-Effective: These are reusable. Bubble warps can repeatedly be reused as long as they are not significantly damaged to protect goods in transit. The bubble wrap is made of good quality plastic material there does not get damaged easily. Since they are reusable, they do not harm the environment. These are extremely cost-effective.
  • Versatile Nature: Bubbles wrap can be used for packing any kind of goods whether is an electrical appliance or some fragile glass items. These are malleable enough to wrap any kind of material and can be cut in any size to protect even oddly shaped goods. These sheets can also be used creatively in decoration.
  • Stress buster: Popping bubbles is a stress reliever. It’s fun to pop bubbles, and can’t be ignored if the bubble wrap is lying nearby. It decreases frustration and makes us feel good.
  • Maintain The Shape Of Handbags: Bubble wraps can be used to keep the products such as bags in shape from inside. To protect the bags from dust and moisture and to keep it in its original shape, you can use bubble wrap inside as well outside the bag.

Bubble wrap is a go-to option of shopping and shipping wrap. It is critically the most important tool for keeping goods safer. 
These are readily available at packing supply stores and can also be purchased on the internet. Globe Packaging is one of the best mainstream distributors of high-quality packaging materials.

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